Slot Art Festival 2019 ticket prices


13.05- 23.06.2019

7–12 years*

125 zł

13-25 years*

205 zł

26 years up*

250 zł

Slot Boomerang applies

Regular price

od 24.06.2019

7-12 years*

150 zł

13-25 years*

250 zł

26 years up*

300 zł

Slot Boomerang doesn’t apply

Children below 6 years old enter free

**the border date for counting age is 31 December 2019. (age is calculated as a number of full years lived until 31 Devember 2019)
*festival day lasts from 11:00 to 11:00.

Festival tickets will be available on the spot, in the festival ticket booth, in Lubiąż, from 9 July 2019. Tickets will be available as a festival pass (5-day ticket) and 4-, 3-, 2- or 1-day tickets. Payment only in cash, no limit for tickets sold, so we will never run out of them. 🙂

Before that, since January, whole festival passes (5 days), can be bought online, by signing up and filling the online form. Payment via, the ordered passes are assigned to a person’s name, cannot be transfered to other people or returned in case of resignation.

The ticket price changes depending on the purchase date and age of the buyer.Additionally there is the Slot Boomerang programme for people who are coming back to the festival (click for more info), the special offer applies only until the end of the III turn of prepayments. To use the Slot Boomerang 2019 the pass must be payed for before 24 June 2019.

If you can’t come for the whole festival, you can join us on single days. Every day (and night) there is a lot of things going on, workshops, concerts, film screenings, exhibitions, theatrical performances and more (see the whole ‘programme‘ section). The ticket price also changes depending on the lenght of stay and age of participant.

1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days
age 6-12 years4070100130150
age 13-25 years70 120 170220250
age >2680140200260300

You can also enjoy the festival without paying, by joining the volunteers who create it. You can fill your application here:click. For volunteers being in Lubiąż is mandatory from 7 to 14 July.

Additional important info:

Read the Festival Rules and regulations

Read the SAF Prepayments Rules and Regulations

Read the SLOT Boomerang Special Offer Info and the SLOT Boomerang 2019 special offer Rules and Regulations

Download the parent/guardian declaration if you are coming alone to the festival and you are below 18 years of age.

The festival day lasts from 11.00 to 11.00.

The price (5-day pass or ticket for a shorter period) covers entry to all parts of the festival programme and a spot at the camping site.

Parking lot: for the period of the Slot Art Festival the car parking lot is organized. Parking spot payment is 50 for the whole festival or 12 pln for a day. The parking ticket can be bought at prepayment or at the festival at the same prace (number of parking spots limited).

You can also read the frequently asked questions about the festival: FAQ


Send any questions you have about the tickets or prepayments to the adress: or

Phone contact: 600 097 092

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