we sit. we look at each other; not all of us know one another. we wonder: WHO are the others? our look is rather friendly.

you stand up when you hear a word that moves you: THE THING THAT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU NOWADAYS. you see who else stood up – WHO are you standing with. WHO is it that you are together with for a moment.

friends.  family. country. planet. will it rain. economics. sport. where you are from. future. history. party. knowledge. skills. emotions. choices. looks. mosquitoes. relationships. music. talks with her. talks with him. hot water under the shower. faith. food. home. books. climate change. results. talks.

depth calls depth.

things deep inside others resonate, wake up SOMETHING in you. there are no mandatory or less important topics. there is IT, that for some reasons CONNECTS us – right here, right now. despite everything. something that can change reality.


and WHAT will you care for?

and with WHOM?

SLOT is not another musical festival – almost half thousand events is a great spectrum of topics and forms.

But of key importance are also: the special location and over 1500 volunteers, who create the whole thing – also on the program side.

SLOT is a slot in routine and schematic thinking, that we carve together every year at the beginning of July, for almost 30 years – a little ephemeral prototype of a perfect town. There are living districts and town bath here, cafes and restaurants, concert halls and clubs, an university and kindergarden and even a theatre and three little cinemas.

For a few days we experiment together – how to be creative, how to work together, how to get along better – live together and not just for yourself.

SLOT is a holiday of shared passions, exchanging experiences and inspiring one another.

#LOCATION – the only 5 days and nights in a year when the abandoned monastery comes alive.

#PROGRAMME – around 500 events in 5 sections: workshops – concerts – meetings – shows – locations

#PEOPLE – 6000 people and among them 1500 volunteers that create both the programme and infrastructure.



Over 150 workshops led by enthusiasts–volunteers: manual, musical, stage, sport…

Begining with sketching, embroidery and ceramics through overtone singing and making rainsticks, aerial acrobatics, motorcycles and traditional Angola dances to brewing coffe, game designing or tracking animals.

From Wednesday to saturday, everyday three chances to try something new or deepen your knowledge.

For some it is a way to do something different than the things they do everyday – for others its a beginning of a new way. For both the participants and hosts.


At Slot we learn to listen but also to talk and discuss – understand each other better.

In the afternoons several hundred people come to the old Carriage House to meet the Special Guest. We want to touch the current and important topics. This year we will talk:

with prof. de Barbaro about ways to get along and break the divisions of the society and our families;

– with Szymon Hołownia about how faith may provoke a very concrete social involvement, but also decisions we make to care for the planet;

– with Darwin Film Group about internets and financial and creative independence;

In the Ideas Zone we elaborate on the topics – the lectures will be given among others by a climate expert Marcin Popkiewicz or Edwin Bendyk. 

And in the Dialogue Zone we invite you to join a discussion. This year we will meet with Dariusz Rosiak, Justyna Dąbrowska, Ania Goc or Piotra Mucharski among others we will talk about Poland after Adamowicz, about deaf holidays or musical worlds of Karolina Cicha from Podlasie.

The meetings will also include:

PRO Zone, to help you sort your professional life out;

Blogosphere, wioth social involved influencers;

Literary Stage, where we mainyl read poetry – among others with Jakub Kornhauser;

…and over 30 NGOs in the Social Initiatives Zone.


In the afternoon the Contest Stage in the old carriage house, and on it 12 bands chosen from over 150 applications;

With the setting sun, on the grass under the great plane tree the Folk Stage and Folk Soundsystem, and on it among others multi-instrumentalist Karolina Cicha;

From 20:30 Main Stage where we all can fit – and on it a varied – in genres and generations – mix of bands, that everyone knows and those that are taking the market by storm: Sorry Boys, BOKKA, L.U.C. & Rebel Babel Ensemble, Marcelina, but also Tęskno, Wczasy, Brodacze or Krakow Street Band and Beltaine.

In the evenings at the same time intimate concerts in Slottish cafes: Unplugged Stage and Spontaneous Stage;

And after mifnight we all come to the dark Gothic cathedral for the Experimental Stage, where we’ll hear Kwiat Jabłoni and Hania Rani among others;

…or we go to one of the dancefloors: Urban Music or theClub Stage in the basement, where among others we’ll have Gooral and DJ Feel-X;

The cherry on top will be the performance of the Slot Art Orchestra – created by over 50 instrumentalists and vocalists, whe meet for the first time one week before the festival to prepare. It is already the fourth year of this project, this time under supervision of an exceptional young jazz violinist Stanisław Słowiński.


Three small slottish cinemas will allow to catch up on films – and talk about them too! This year we will watch together among others You Have No Idea How Much I Love You and we will talk with prof. de Barbaro; Oscar nominee Of Fathers and Sons  and also Let the child be the guide with a home education leader in Poland Marcin Sawicki.

Slot theatre is among others a chance to recall the 15th anniversary of the Beslan attack – the Sorok dniej performance will be accompanied by the author’s meeting with the writer of Biesłan. Pękniete miasto (Beslan. Broken city). Another highlight is Buffo Mystery play by Dario Fo performed by ORBIS TERTIUS Theatre.

A lot lighter mood is offered by the Satirical Actions Spot, where this year we will see among others Tomasz Jachimek.

For the whole 5 days we will be able to see paintings, photos and art installations in the interior of the Gothic ArtCathedral, and happenings and exhibitions – interactive too – will fill the “streets and corners” of the Slottish town.

The only moment of the Slot Art Festival when just one thing is happening at a time is midnight, when we all gather under the main stage to watch another episode of the volunteer-made SloTv – report of the festival day.


It’s places like ArtRoom – a living, experimental gallery of “art of everyday”, the Sphere tent that we open with a meeting with a Game of Thrones stuntman, or Easter Tent – a meeting spot for travelers, with slides, movies and tea.

Eeach one of them with different atmosphere, each one arranged and handled by a different volunteering team.

It’s also places like Gamesroom, Summer Flow or Re-creation – spaces for games, sports and activities, both for little ones and families with kids and for older ones, who want to ride the halfpipe or play frisbee.

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