Club Stage

WEDNESDAY – SATURDAY / 00.30 – 6.00
Location: P4 Basement Stage

Club Stage at Slot is one of the last stands of music not touched by commercial radio and TB stations. Hidden at the distant end of the festival, in the mysterious underground of the monastery, it introduces the partiers into the atmosphere of true old parties and raves. It’s an energetic feast for fans of playing with light, music and dance. Do you want to see what a good party is? See what the crew of the SAF club stage has prepared for you this year!

00.30 – 2.00Jazzovah Cj Art Primal Zap Morfeusz
2.00– 3.30Sun MiquelGórny Live JaralucaRoni-K Gafer 303
3.30 – 4.30MazubarMasiaAlien TranslatorLittle CollapsePsycholok
4.30-6.00B2BPixie Elf b2b MediumKobaian

Stage decoration:
Psycho Vision

Tuesday / 9 July – HOUSE & DISCO
We go back to the roots of club electronica. We go back to the 80s and crazy parties in the British The Hacienda, one of the first „house- parties” and revolution they started in music…

Wednesday / 10 July – TECHNO & ACID
This night we can count on uncompromised flight over the heavier 4×4 sounds. From slow, unnerving deep techno to heavy rave kinds of fast acid techno.

This night we will travel to the 90s, to the Indian Goa Islands and Israeli deserts to taste the illegal psychefelic transe parties. We will go from classics like Astral Projection through newer deep psychedelic sounds to dark psytrance.

Friday / 12 July – JUNGLE & DNB
It’s a night for all fans of the broken sounds. Crushing bass, broken trebles and crazy amount of bpm’s. We will go from reggae jungle all the way to heavy neurofunk! DnB night is a night for the most hardcore partiers of the SAF Club Stage!

Saturday / 13 July – DUBSTEP & TRAP
This night is for everyone who likes to feel the slow heavy sound of music and deep, strong, agressive bass. We can tell you one thing – it will be heavy…

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