Experimental Stage

TUESDAY – FRIDAY / 00:30 – 02:00
Location: F1 Cathedral stage

Experimental Stage is something that may happen only late at night in the ArtCathedral. Between experiment, jazz, classic and improvisation.
Unique music in unique place.
Cathedral – midnight – experience.

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00:30 Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher   MaJLo   Kwiat Jabłoni   MIKROELEMENTY CHAOSU


Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher

The duo of Hania Rani (piano) and Dobrawa Czocher (cello) is a perfect proof that the instrumental music has its place on the contemporary musical scene – and it gathers an ever growing circle of listeners. The genre in WHICH the girls create can be described as a more and more resiliently developing modern classic, represented by artists such as Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds or Max Richter.

The inspiration for the debut album Biała flaga (En. White flag) was Grzegorz Ciechowski – the duo created new arrangements of the artist’s most famous songs using only two instruments – cello and piano. This idea combined with an original musical language became a reason for the enthusiastic reception of the album. The album contains also original compositions by Hania and Dobrawa, that perfectly bind the arrangements making them a complete whole.




His first album Over The Woods immediately resulted in an invitation to concerts at such festivals as Open’er and Spring Break. The album was also appreciated worldwide, and the remix of the song “Another Day” was played over 14 million times on Spotify only.Last year, his new album, re_covery, was released – full of captivating melodies and strong harmony, garnished with modern techniques and sounds.


Kwiat Jabłoni

A brother-sister folk duo. Their repertoire is dominated by original Polish songs with intriguing lyrics and a thrilling musical layer, combining acoustic instruments with electronica. The unusual combination of mandolin with piano, vocals and electronic drums creates a unique, fresh and modern mixture of sounds.

The band sings about living the moment, trying to enjoy what we have, escaping from consumer culture and about the world overtaken by the pursuit of success – they make the listeners think and do not leave them indifferent.

Nic więcej https://youtu.be/wBkL-eg2Dj8

FRIDAY 12.07

Mikroelementy Chaosu

Mikroelementy Chaosu (Microelements of Chaos) are particles of beauty, harmony, happiness in a soulless and difficult world. At the same time, they are dissonances and anxiety in the image of perfection and the incredible beauty of life. This project is a journey into the world of saturated emotions, harmonious consonances, which in their trancefulness and gentleness sometimes turn into energy of opposite force. At the end of the day, everything is about order. It is a tribute to balance.

A concert is an experience that binds different musical sources together – the musicians improvise, operate with the width of acoustic and electronic sounds, bow to the classics, and at the same time through the use of images and theatrical activities, creating a synesthetic experience. Voices dissolved in space, spaces focused in sound.

Natalia Czekała – piano, synthbas, vocal

Marzenia Michałowska – soprano

Łukasz Korybalski – trumpet, flugelhorn, elektronics

Krzysztof Guzewicz – handpans, drums, elektronics

Marek Dec – visualisations

+ guests

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