Folk Stage

WEDNESDAY–SATURDAY / 18:00 – 22:00, SATURDAY / 00:30 – 3:00
Location: A6 Folk Stage

Another edition of the Folk Stage is a mosaic of cultures, music styles and human stories. We begin with the sounds of the Borderlands, then we will immerse ourselves in the rhythms of Brazilian samba, meet celtic music and finally land inside the Balkan-Beskid Shafa.

18:00 – 19:30Karolina Cicha i SpółkaSzkoła Samby SETE RIOSSheeban Celtic BandShafa
20:0022:00Dj Feel X & DJ JazzovahWarsaw Balkan MadnessRita Raga – Banati Crew Pixieelf: sound of Africa
00:30Dj Feel X



Karolina Cicha & Company

Karolina Cicha is a composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist fascinated with the traditional music of northeastern Poland minorities.

The concert includes, apart from compositions from albums Wieloma językami (In many languages) and Płyta tatarska (Tartar album) also the songs from the album Jeden – wiele (One – many), and original compositions created at the border of tradition and contemporaneity, of music of Podlasie and contemporary poetry.

Karolina Cicha – voice, accordion, piano, drum sampler

Karolina Matuszkiewicz – Biłgoraj suka, Płock vielle, kamancheh, kobyz, voice



DJ Jazzovah & DJ Feel X

DJ Feel X

Active since 1995. Co-creator of Mad Crew. As a DJ he worked with Wzgórze Ya-Pa-3, Kazik, Kult, Kazik Na Żywo, Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa, Los Pierdols, Gutek, Wojtas, DonGuralEsko, Kali and many other great artists from Poland and all over the world. He co-created the Baku Baku To Jest Skład and the legendary Kaliber 44 group.

DJ Jazzovah

Fascinated with the DJ-ing culture for 20 years, seeker of unconventional music on vinyl albums. His selection includes music from all over the world, from jazz to drum’n’bass.



Sete Rios Samba School

Sete Rios Samba School is a project that started at the Brazilian drum workshops. It is active in Wrocław, where it brings together the lovers of samba and carnival since 2012. Their repertoire includes both energetic bateria show, based on the most fresh arrangements of Brazilian schools of samba and the most popular songs, that entered the history of carnival.


20:00–22:00 Warsaw Balkan Madness

WBM has travelled around the globe for 8 years with only one goal – to spread madness, dance, smile and Balkan culture. In their sets they present magical melodies and rhythms of Southeastern Europe. Rich heritage of gypsy-slavic culture of the Balkan Peninsula comes to the 21st century. Fast trumpets and other “brassies” confronted with club beats, and absorbing sounds of violins and accordions adorned with deep pulsating bass. Tradition and folk meet the aesthetic of the world of contemporary music.

FRIDAY 12.07


Sheeban Celtic Band

We will take you from the streets of Dublin filled with dancing to the carnival parades of Rio or under the glass of disco balls. Sometimes wistful, Slavic flute will sound, sometimes the violin will show how it can rock. Power of the storm, energy of the hurricane and the playful atmosphere of the green isle!



Rita Raga

Vocalist, composer, music producer and DJ. She performs live acts and live DJ sets in tribal, ethno and chillagressive style, using vocals, keyboard instruments and electronica – sometimes also drum instruments and guitar. Under the alias “Ragini” she plays psytrance and goa sets.

In her sets and productions she tries to reach the deepest emotions. She plays all over Poland (incl. Serotonina, Egodrop, Behind the LAS NYE, Pure Psychedelic) and abroad  – in Czech Republic (Mysterio Teslarum, Feiplatz) and, as a vocalist, in Japan. Her productions and collaborations are featured on many compilations, and are played all over the world. They were also listed at Beatport Top 100, and in the Polish Radio Four contest.


 Banatti Crew




Shafa is a meeting. Inside there meet the springs of Beskid Mountains and Balkan fascination, Hutsul dulcimer and Peruvian charango, white voice and Irisg sounds of flutes and violins. Full of drum rhythms and guitars. Shafa has all of it 🙂



 Pixieelf: sound of Africa


Green Night – DJ Feel X

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