Main Stage

TUESDAY – SATURDAY / 20:30 – 00:00
Location: B1 Courtyard

Main stage is the main and biggest stage of the Slot Art Festival, that gathers thousands of people on the main courtyard of the Lubiąż monastery. It’s five evenings in various styles – from hip-hop, through folk and electronica to rock. Everyday we begin with a concert of a band that won the Contest Stage the day before.

20:30 – 21:00Contest stage laureateContest stage laureate No Longer Music Contest stage laureate
21:15 – 22:15Kraków Street Band Tęskno Wczasy21:45 – 22:15 Contest stage laureate Brodacze Live Act
22:30 – 00:00BokkaBeltaineMarcelinaL.U.C & Rebel Babel Ensemble Sorry Boys
00:00 SloTvSloTvSloTvSloTvSloTv


The duo’s music is a mix of Polish cold wave synth-pop hits of the 80s and 90s. Their powerful, emotional Polish lyrics, feistiness, original music videos and energetic live shows — all of this have recently made Wczasy popular among fans of Polish alternative music.
Because the Polish song-writing school is close to their heart, their lyrics are in Polish and they are about serious matters, such as work, heartbreaks, hopes and dreams, and chilling out. Simple, yet arrestingly genuine message of their songs such as “Dzisiaj jeszcze tańczę” (En. I’m still dancing today) made Wczasy a voice of the generation. Their debut album Zawody stole the hearts of listeners and music critics alike, and was included in the compilations of the best Polish albums of 2018.


The band was formed in Warsaw on the initiative of Tomasz Dąbrowski and Piotr Blak, joined by the charismatic female voice of Bela Komoszyńska.
Released in 2013, their album Vulcano consolidated the band’s position in the music world and received recognition as innovative and unafraid of non-obvious solutions.
The next album, Roma, written half in Polish, half in English, was once more included in the most important lists of the best albums – among others that of Gazeta Wyborcza – quote: It is one of those bands that breathed new life into Polish pop and took the club and festival scenes by storm. Their latest album, “Roma”, is a masterpiece.
Sorry Boys usually tour intensively, playing in clubs as well as at the most important music festivals in Poland and abroad. Now they are back with the fourth album titled: Miłość (Eng. “Love”) – it’s their most song-ish album, first one fully in Polish. It is comprised of 11 tracks filled with ranging melodies and mature texts written by Bela Komoszyńska. Miłość shows the faces of the most important feeling in the world from a private and universal perspective. It portrays femininity caught in the process of life change – and it does it with force.


Krakow Street Band at an express rate has become a showcase of both their home town and the Polish music scene. The group has been gaining popularity for several years. Currently, the musicians are promoting their latest, third album, Going Away. The album is wholly based on original material, and it consists of 11 lively, unpretentious songs, neatly balancing between modern folk, jazz, and blues. Going Away was nominated to Fryderyki 2019 in the Blues / Country Album of the Year category.


Music project of the vocalist, Joanna Longić, and the composer, Hania Rani. As they say: We write songs in Polish, combining sounds and melodies that we long for, our music is loaded with emotions, texts concern matters important to us, and the sounds differ from those one can hear during concerts of popular music. Tęskno, creating music with emotions on top, invites the listener to open up to become viscerally stirred. The premiere of the project took place in May 2017 and it enjoys increasing popularity, playing on well-known stages in Poland.


Their music is an electronic and instrumental mixture. On principle they create their music live, as much as it is possible – they drift away and are not quite sure what tune they will play in a moment. Their concerts are a launch into space, with tons of energy and a large dose of more or less controlled expression. There are suspicions that they were already born with beards and instruments. The trio from Poznań twice took part in concert tours in the largest halls in Poland, such as Wytwórnia in Łodź or Atlantic in Gdynia, and at festivals such as Spring Break, Kazimiernikejszyn or Kortowiada. This time, they invite you to a party at the Main Stage – with #beardoelectro.

One of the most original bands of the Polish world music scene.
Beltaine’s music is difficult to define – the group’s characteristic sound is the result of the clash of different personalities with extremely different musical experiences. Although their main inspiration has always been broadly understood traditional music (world, celtic), the band’s music is simply going straight ahead – it experiments and blurs the boundaries between tradition and modernity. The band was formed in 2002 in Katowice. From the very beginning, Beltaine’s enormous strength was energetic concerts, enthusiastically received by the public at every latitude. The group gave concerts, among others in Malaysia, Mexico, USA and Canada; it is also regularly invited to prestigious festivals all over Europe.


Singer, songwriter and composer. Her music can be described as modern pop with a dash of soul, jazz and R&B. The artist, with a lot of humour and distance, creates light and pleasant sounds, to which you feel like laughing and dancing. In 2011, she released Marcelina, her debut studio album. In 2012, she was nominated for the Fryderyk Award in the Debut of the Year category, and the year 2013 began with Marcelina’s nomination for the Wrocław’s Man of the Year Award. In March, in Paris, she gave her first concert abroad, she also participated in the project “Panny Wyklęte”, and at the end of the year her album Wschody/Zachody (En. “Sunrises/Sunsets”) was released. Marcelina’s albums receive very good reviews and the artist is considered one of the most interesting musical performers of the Polish scene – not only for the young generation.


They are one of the most extraordinary phenomena on the Polish music scene, and not only because no one knows who they are. Faces hidden behind masks are just an introduction to the amazing story entitled “Bokka” – a story about a band that did not need names to create a unique identity, not only on the national scale. An original approach, both to their own image and to the creation of music, which is best evidenced by the use of uncommon, often random instruments, became a hallmark of the group whose potential was immediately noticed beyond the borders of their homeland. After touring and playing at the biggest national festivals, the band performed on the stages of the most important events in Europe, including British The Great Escape, Czech Colors of Ostrava, German Reeperbahn or Dutch Eurosonic, and after that in clubs in Brussels, Prague and Budapest.


Strong and energetic combination of live music, theatre and amazing visual effects. Recognized on 5 continents, gathering fans in dozens of countries, shocking in their works – a living legend – No Longer Music! The band performed in Poland for the first time in 1987 at the Jarocin Festival. With the rise of popularity of NLM in Poland, their music has been changing too, becoming more and more mature. Something that began as a rough-cut punk evolved towards a fanatical post industrial core music. Artists create music, undertaking at the same time paratheatrical actions on stage. What we’ll see can be described as: post-grunge/psycho-punk theatre. NLM is not only music and theatre – it’s a passion crossing aesthetical boundaries. Crossing all boundaries to carry their message.


Łukasz Rostkowski is a total artist – one of the best Polish rappers, composer, beatboxer, music videos and concert director, lyrics author and performer. In 2015, together with Jan Feat (Dutch composer and performer of Polish descent), he created the Rebel Babel Ensemble – international big band, in which several thousand musicians from all over Europe already performed. Connecting soloists, composers, text authors and amateur and professional orchestras, it pretends to the name of the biggest band of the world working under the patronage of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016. In 3 years under its flag over 7000 musicians from Poland, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Portugal performed all over Europe. The project allows students and amateurs from various countries to exchange energy and perform with professionals and stars (incl. Grubson, Kayah, Kaliber 44, Czesław Mozil, Mela Koteluk, Promoe or Rapsusklei). This big band wants to break the cultural barriers with music and present the beauty of different languages – in their linguistic and musical aspects. The conglomerate performs compositions in different styles, combining folk, jazz, electronica and contemporary music – it’s a masterful combination of various cultures and musical worlds, of folksy and futuristic, and the greatest pun of all is that L.U.C is both a rapper and a brass orchestra conductor here, and hip-hop beats are accompanied by classical and march sounds.


Musical journalists and critics called her the debut of 2018 and the greatest hope of eclectical, ambitious pop in Poland. Her first single Ulatuje, which was produced by Łukasz Maron (Flemings) and Szatt (among others from Kroki band) has stirred the Polish electro-pop. The artist invited the legend of the electronica scene – Urbański (among others Rysy, Ultraviolet Soundtrack) and Michał “Mamut” Sarapata (SALK band) to work together on new songs. In April 2019 her debut EP – Blak – which was met with great favour of the listeners and musical journalists. The artist has already performed at the most important musical events like Enea Spring Break Festival or Sofar Sounds Warsaw. Olga’s music is pleasantly gloating beats with clear inspirations of the 80s mixed with subtle and sensual vocal.

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