Prayer concerts

Location: F1 Cathedral Stage

A good place to start the day. For this short moment,. with sounds of music and inspiring word, you can stop, feel the gratitude, oneness and charge your inner battery. The atmosphere is relaxed and will allow you to spend this time the way you want.

WEDNESDAY / 9:30–10.30
Maja Kowalczuk and Friends

Maja Kowalczuk – a worship leader, musician, director of EXIT weekends
For her worship is much more than just music. It is a celebration of God’s presence. It is depth calling the depth. It is freedom and complete surrender. Fullness. For her standing in God’s presence is real and intimate. It is something that brings freedom and great breakthroughs, that often come very gently.
Maja creates with her friends.

THURSDAY / 9:30–10.30
SLOT Team – it is a band created by participants of Slot Art Festival 2019 during the festival! The prayer is about tuning in the voice of the Holy Spirit and turning it into sounds and melodies. Spontaneity, freedom and unity that is what will connect the SLOT Team and all that join them to praise God together.

FRIDAY / 9:30-10.30
Bless – it is a group of musicians who believe that the Almighty God does not have boundaries. That is why they continually seek more of worship, joy, fullness of life and richness of spiritual gifts.
For many years they have been worshiping God with their lives and music, because they believe that every sound has meaning and a power to bring changes and the prophetic one among them releases God’s plan.
They are all members of Bless Foundation in Gliwice.

SATURDAY / 9:30–10.30
Mosty (En. Bridges) – it is a collective of friends, whose goal is to develop worship music in Poland. They create songs full of passion, spacious sounds and modern tones. They are part of the Mosty Church in Wrocław.

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