Spontaneous Stage

G1 / TUESDAY–SATURDAY / 21:00–22:30

Spontaneous Stage connects musicians and vocalists romancing with various styles and genres. It’s unpredictable and provides more and more fresh sensations. Here beginners can meet with stage veterans. This year all of the performances will be connected by a common feature – original, charismatic vocals. Come and join us!


TIME Tuesday 09.07 Wednesday 10.07 Thursday 11.07 Friday 12.07 Saturday 13.07

TUESDAY 09.07 / 21:00

Honeycomb is a two-people project from Silesia, creating a melange of electronic music with live instruments and intertwining it with lyrical story. They met, as it often happens, during a live performing, at one of concerts by Włødzimierz. In no time Zuza and Włødziemierz hid in a little room and in a self-arranged home studio started creating sounds viscous and sticky as honey. They had opened their hearts to share the things of their depths. They don’t chase. They don’t run away. They do run, for they hust cannot stand still.

Laureates of the Bass&Beat Festival in Wrocławiu. On their record there are already concerts in full-to-the-brim clubs. In December they released an EP with the Kayax label within the „My name is new” project for young bands, and they are planning on releasing theit LP in 2019.


Wednesday 10.07 / 21:00
Nowy Stwór Mazowiecki

Nowy Stwór Mazowiecki is a freak of nature created by Edyta Glińska and Patryk Walczak. Patryk plays his accordion as if it wasn’t an accordion. Edyta sings obscenities as if they were the sweetest caress. Jokes mixed with lyricism, pastiche with melancholy and pickled herring with chocolate. Sad stories about love served in a silly way. Stories about losing contact with reality and… about reality losing contact with a person 😉

The album “Love Stwory” will be released in 2019.


THURSDAY 11.07 / 21:00
Pierwiastek Z Trzech

Pierwiastek Z Trzech is a band created by initiative of two sisters –  Adriana Lemańczyk and Paulina Szymlek. In 2018 their first album  – “Pomiędzy chmurami” (“Between the clouds”) – was released. It consists of twelve compositions with original Polish lyrics and music styled to reference many musical genres of the indie-pop class, with a pinch of folk.

In their lyrics the authors reference themes of traveling, evanescence, nature and paitning.


FRIDAY 12.07 / 21:00
Asia Nawojska

She creates, sings, writes and plays. She’s the author of everything you will see on stage. Laureate of All-Polish Festivals – incl. 1st prize at the 53rd Student Song Festival. She created her debut EP “Kwiaty do domu” (“Flowers for home”) and in her original material, she recorded her voice and piano as well as string instruments and percussion instruments. Her music avoids classification and so she never knows what the next song will be when he sits down to the piano. She tells stories about humans and humanoids – sometimes as a joke, sometimes seriously. Here not only with a piano, but even more interestingly, I swear!


SATURDAY 13.07 / 21:00
Mateusz Franczak

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, improviser. Co-creator and participant of many interdisciplinary artistic projects and workshops. He will present his material with formally minimalistic, personal songs and instrumental pieces. He recorded his compositions in the Syrena Theatre in Warsaw, which resulted in theatrical atmosphere and performative approach to voice-recording. For Mateusz the key is the sound and creating atmosphere and he does that using his developed instrumentarium – electric guitar and vocals modified in an unique and original way.

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