Unplugged Stage

TUESDAY – SATURDAY / 22:00 – 23:00
Location: A1 Sphere

When in the spherical tent the echo of meetings and workshops fades out, the Sphere (A1) will turn into a concert studio in order to keep stimulating and boosting its visitors. Sounds from the stage will collaborate with colors of setting sun and the last warm breezes of Slottish days.

TUESDAY 09.07 / 22:00–23:00

Mikołaj Janowski

A man with unprecedented musical hyperactivity, manifested by a permanent tendency to improvise in all sorts of genres. His insane trumpet skills stick like epoxy into the minds of listeners, permanently coloring the subconscious with a mixture of things that were with things nobody ever heard before. Including the performer Tie your laces tightly, because Trumpetmeister Janowski can rip you out of your shoes.

WEDNESDAY 10.07  / 22:00–23:00


Alt-pop from Wrocław. Leaning towards rock and soul and looking at music through colors. Metaphorical stories in Polish and sound experiments with the use of sampler and looper.  

Currently, they are working on their debut albums, whose singles “Nie mówię nie” (“I’m not saying no”) and “Liczba Pi” (“The Number Pi”) are presented in several radio stations.

THURSDAY 11.07  / 22:00-23:00

Monika Kowalczyk

Born in Lublin, songwriter, vocalist, song author and actress. Her debut album premiered in 2017. She describes her work as Polish lyrics enclosed by music from the verge of indie pop and bard songs. Gentleness and strength, melancholy and light accompanied by cosmic guitar effects and warm ukulele sounds. Monika will perform with the band featuring:

Mikołaj Kołodziejczyk – electric guitar, ukulele, keyboard instruments

Arkadiusz Borzęcki – bass guitar, keyboard instruments

Daniel Rutkowski – drums

Magdalena Kuraś, Katarzyna Kowalczyk – backing vocals

FRIDAY  12.07 / 22:00–23:00

Michał Kmieciak

His album “Love Lost” was one of the first Polish releases of the contemporary classical music. Since the release of this album, Michał Kmieciak has been surprising us with his fresh ideas and original melodies, performed on the piano with the accompaniment of the string section.

Full of emotions, beautiful melodies and characteristic, surprising harmonies are the hallmarks of Michał Kmieciak’s music.

SATURDAY 13.07 / 22:00–23:00

Phil Shorey (USA)

He travels the world as a street performer with his puppet theater in a suitcase – “The Suitcase Sideshow”.  His play, “The Sailor and the Boat”, combines toy theater and multimedia. Great for all ages, it raises the issue of freedom and hope in the midst of a storm. “The Suitcase Sideshow” has been shown in refugee camps, prisons, homeless shelters, orphanages, punk squats, at street corners and other unconventional places. Phil Shorey was also the composer and artistic director of the Slot Orchestra in 2018. 

Haydé (Finland)

I’ve always been involved in making music. Writing lyrics is like breathing for me. Music takes me to another world and sometimes I don’t think about music, but it appears in my head as a part of the picture. On my debut album I create combinations of my writing and singing style with cinema and orchestral music.  Through my music I want to create a place where you can stop and start dreaming.  Beauty, in my opinion, is a very important value and, if possible, I want to give some of that beauty to the world.

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