G14 / TUESDAY–SATURDAY / 15:00–16:45

It began with social responsibility. Then the education joined, doing good, changing the world for the better – that’s how the Blogosphere was created this year! Inside you will meet creators who are active on the net sharing their potential, and trying to leave the world a better place than when they came here. Do you want to create online? You don’t know which direction to take? Come and get inspired by the people who are breaking social taboos – and are good at it!

10.07 (Wednesday)
Apple Manuals
Jakub Matwiejczyk – he created and hosts the first Polish channel with manuals and user’s guides for Apple products. Is it possible to create an interesting channel with such a narrow topic? How to come up with an interesting idea and reach the audience that will benefit from our work? How to start and talk about technology in an interesting way? We will talk about all that during the Wednesday meeting with the author of Apple Manuals channel.

11.07 (Thursday)
Panoptykon Foundation
Over a half of Poles was manipulated or misinformed on the Internet. Are we doomed to live in a world of fakes and bots? How to recognize them and how to be safe from them? Why is a fake news more clickable than the truth? How to change that? Photoshops, memes, fake profiles – are they a danger to the facts? Who manipulates the information on the web and who benefits from that? We will hear what disinformation is and how to fight it from Marysia Wróblewska and Justyna Dywańska of the Panoptykon Foundation.

12.07 (Friday)
Everyday Hero
You think there are no real heroes anymore? Here he is – stopped eating meat when he was 15, debunks nonsenses about veganism, global warming and feminism circling the Internet and he also is an altruist and tries to turn others into ones. A true Everyday Hero – Orestes Kowalski! What do vegans eat? Why did Jesus eat meat? How to cope in a world full of manly men? Those and many other questions will be answered by the Everyday Hero on Friday in the Blogosphere.

13.07 (Saturday)
Sexual Culture
Sexual education became a political tool during the last election. Should it be so? And what if we could just calmly talk about it with a neophyte mom, sex educator and psychologist? How to explain to your kid where are children coming from? When to, and if you should, talk about the first time or masturbation? How to prevent a too-soon initiation or teenage pregnancy? Małgo Iwanek seeks and finds answers on her blog During the meeting on Sunday she will share how to calmly talk about sexuality and what to expect because of it.

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