Literary Stage

G1 / Wedensday–Saturday


15:00 Meeting with something completely new.
16:00 Meeting with something weird
Dawid Mateusz – poet, editor, literary events organizer. Author of a debut Stacja wieży ciśnień (“Water tower station”). Member of a happening-literature initiative Poetry school of Kraków.


15:00 Meeting with something completely new.
Patryk Kosenda – poet, editor-in-chief of the „Stoner Polski” magazine. His debut, planned for the autumn, will be entitled Robodramy w zieleniakach (“Robodramas in farmers’ markets”). Father of two rabbits from Kraków.
16:00 Meeting with something weird
Jakub Kornhauser – poet and critic. He was rewarded among others with W. Szymborska award, and used the money to fix an old bicycle and buy new books.

FRIDAY, 12.07

15:00Meeting with something completely new.
Jakub Pszoniak – poet, graphic designer, co-organizer of the SlotArt Literary Stage. Author of a debut poetic book Chyba na pewno (“Probably for sure”). Translated to Polish.
16:00 Meeting with something weird
Ania Adamowicz – laboratory diagnostician, poetess. Author of two poetry books: Wątpia (“Guts”) and Animalia. She writes and and uses her syringes in Wrocław.


15:00 Meeting with something completely new.
Dorota Brauntsch – journalist, photographer. Her book Domy bezdomne (“Homeless homes”) is a story about brick, peasant culture, transformation of Upper Silesia and about what a home is.
16:00 Meeting with something weird.
Małgorzata Lebda –poetess, photographer and mountaineer. Her last book, Sny uckermärkerów (“The Uckermärkers’ Dreams”) is an example of an ecopoetic project.

E6 / Wednesday–Saturday
Poetry reading workshops organized as a part of the Literary Stage. The leaders will help us open up texts and encourage to undertake difficult trips. We read a dying language – poetry. We create a reservation, where it still lives.

WEDNESDAY, 10.07 / 13:00
A lesson on how to read Dumitru Crudu’s „The false Dimitri”, nominated for the 2018 European Poet of Freedom award.
Jakub Kornhauser

THURSDAY, 11.07 / 13:00
A lesson on how to read the 20th century avant-garde poets.
Jakub Kornhauser

FRIDAY, 12.07 / 13:00
A lesson on reading unheard-of poets.
Jakub Skurtys –literary critic. There’s a lot of him on the Internet.

SATURDAY, 13.07 / 13:00
A lesson on reading the newest poets.
Jakub Skurtys

E7 / Friday / 00:30
On the dead voices (Na głosy zmarłych)
Lately we realized many poets died. We give the voice to the dead poets, we read their texts accompanied by climatic music. It will be weird.

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