A8 / TUESDAY–SATURDAY / 09.30–01.00

In the Eastern Tent time goes slower. What matters is meeting another person – the close one, just next to us and the distant one, who we might not even ever meet eye-to-eye. We often travel to remote corners of the world, but we also have time to reflect upon why are we doing this and what do we gain from it. Please feel welcomed to join us!

The programme includes:
Before-the-show meetings – Introductory meetings that prepare us for the shows we’ll see on the Slottish Theatre Stage
Wednesday and Saturday at 13:00
Czarne about the East – meetings around books about the East published by the Czarne Publishing, the partner of the series.
Thursday and Saturday at 11:00
Good-night shows for young and old – a series of short animated stories.
Wednesday–Saturday, 19:30
Nighttime Slideshow – travel stories.
Tuesday–Saturday, 22:00
Workshops “Refugees are among us”
for adults – Thursday at 13:00
for kids – Friday at 13.00


22:00 Nighttime Slideshow
China – is it a country of jasmine tea and rice fields?
A tale about one of the biggest countries in the world. We would like to share with you, what we have seen during almost a month of our journey. How beautiful are the Chinese Hawaii, how does life in the ancient Phoenix city look like, what is the difference of the pace of living between Hong Kong and a little Chinese province, are te Wulingyuan Mountains indeed as beautiful as in Avatar, and about few other places.
What is most important for us is to share with you the Chinese daily life that has surprised us very much. We will tell you how Chinese people behave on everyday basis, what are their customs, why Ola became a vegetarian and we will prove to you that China is the easiest place to travel for an European, who doesn’t speak Mandarin.
Dominik Węglarz and Ola Kopeć – at SLOT known as dancehall dancers, on everyday basis they create Para Szczudeł (Pair of Stilts) and both are students as well. When traveling they are a perfect duo. Dominik’s interests in discovering the arcanes of culinary art results in investigating new flavours when traveling; whereas Ola as a student of economics delights in planning their itinerary and managing the budget.


13:00 Before-the-show meeting – meeting with Lech Raczak, the director of the show Misterium Buffo.
19:30 Good-night shows for young and old – Lemko fairy tales. Partner – Fundacja Stara Droga (The Old Road Foundation)
22:00 Nighttime Slideshow – Van Life or traveling and living on your own terms
PodróżoVanie is a couple of 30-year-olds – Kasia and Łukasz, who abandoned the known scenarios, bought a white van and built a house in it. From May 2018 they have been living in it, following the spirit of VanLife and thet way living their dreams of freedom and traveling around Europe. They have been documenting and sharing their adventure through a YT vlogs. They have visited 21 countries so far and are planning to explore another 17. But it is not about the statistics but about living your dreams and experiences. A journey around Europe became the journey within themselves as well.


11:00 Czarne about the East – a meeting with Małgorzata Nocuń, the co-author of the book “Armenia.The caravans of death” joined with a presentation of the bimonthly: “Nowa Europa Wschodnia” (En. New Eastern Europe).
Armenia. Once a great empire spreading between the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, today an impoverished country in Southern Caucasus. This small nation with rich tradition of writing, culture and art nowadays lives with the memories of purges, wars and persecution, that incessantly revive the memory of the caravans of death and the genocide.
13:00 Refugees are among us – workshop for adults.
What do the refugees coming to Poland flee from and why our guests are different from those, who reach other countries of Western Europe? What happened in one year that made us turn from a country where three fourths of the society supported receiving refugees to one of the most closed nations in Europe? Over the meeting we will learn the routes the refugees take to Europe and their situation in Poland illustrated with stories of the newcomers connected with Chlebem i Solą (En. Bread and Salt). We will reflect on what we ourselves can do to join the actions for the refugees.
19:30 Good-night show for big and small – mix of Eastern tales. Partner – Fundacja Odrobina Kultury (A Bit of Culture Foundation)
22:00 Nighttime Slideshow – Jordan – a country of paradoxes
Jordan, a small country in the Middle East is full of paradoxes and contradictions. The events of last years have greatly influenced many aspects of Jordanians’ life. How has Jordan changed throughout the last decade? How have the events of the Arab Spring influenced the mosaic of the Jordanian society?
Dr Karolina Rak, a tutor in the Institute of Far and Middle East of Jagiellonian University, arabist, orientalist, literature expert. As a part of her research and courses, she deals with contemporary discourse and changes that occur in Arab societies. She specifically investigates the status of women and development of Arab feminism.

Friday, 12.07

13:00 Refugees are among us – workshop for kids.
Over the workshop we will learn the situation of children and adults that come to Poland as refugees. We will find out where they are from, what is the current situation in their home country and together we will reflect on what we can do so that they will be well-received in Poland.
A workshop for children from 10 to 14 years old.
Marysia Złonkiewicz – she researches tourism and refugee migrations. She is a co-founder and coordinator of the Post-turysta website, which is dedicated to conscious traveling and the uchodzcy.info website, that provides very detailed knowledge about refugees and actions of Chlebem i Solą (Bread and Salt) within which she supports refugees in their daily life in Poland.
19:30 Good-night show for big and small – Jewish and Karaim fairy tales Partner – Fundacja Odrobina Kultury (A Bit of Culture Foundation)
22:00 Nighttime Slideshow – volunteering and traveling – 2 years in Armenia
Daga will share her experiences with EVS (today: European Solidarity Corps), with which she went to Armenia. Before she left she didn’t know much about the country or its capital. She packed her 23 kilograms of luggage and along with her friend they decided that they will spend the following year in Armenia – and that they will work in the educational project. Their main task was to teach kids from the nearby organisation how to play guitar. Neither Daga nor her friend could really play it. This has not discouraged them at all and they came anyway. Throughout the year they have accomplished quite a bit! But to volunteer means not only to work but also to develop life-time friendships, to travel, to learn local traditions and customs, to discover unknown areas and stunning nature. Over the meeting I will tell you about the project itself, the ups and downs of the trip – straight out. I will share my tips on what to avoid, and how to get to it. Personally, I am a great supporter of the programme, nevertheless I am aware of the difficulties and prejudices we encounter before, during and after the trip. It is also worth to discuss the influence of volunteering on the problems of modern world.
Dagmara Kędziora – the graduate of sociocultural animation of Department of Pedagogy in Cieszyn. After her studies she left to Armenia for 2 years, where first she participated in an European project and later she led a hostel in the centre of the capital city. She has been a photographer for years. She keeps traveling as she needs movement.


11:00 Czarne about the East – meeting with Agata Maksimowska, an author of the book “Birobidzhan. The land where we were supposed to be happy”, will be hosted by dr Karolina Rak.
Birobidzhan. The land where we were supposed to be happy is the history of Jewish Autonomous District – from it’s creation and colonization in the late 1920s, through waves and waves of Stalin’s repressions, chaos of perestroika, to the uncertainty of the modern times. Today the jewishness is a “brand” in Birobidzhan. In the local philharmonic a “Jewish style” restaurant was opened by a Chinese man. As a souvenir you can buy a plate with menorah or a figurine of a Jew. Both made in China.
13:00 Before-the-show meeting – a talk about Bieslan, 15 years after the terrorist attack on a school there. We will be talking with Zbyszek Pawlak, an author of the book “Broken city, Bieslan”. The book inspired the play “Sorok Dniej” that will be presented in the evening on the Theatre Stage.
19:30 Good-night show for big and smallThe Borderland Tales from Fundacja Pogranicze (Borderland Foundation) in Sejny
22:00 Nighttime Slideshow – Ladakh – half a floor under Tibet
Hidden between Himalayas and Karakoram, much less known than Tibet but getting more and more famous with every year – that is what we learn about Ladakh on the Internet. It also is dangerous and beautiful, raw and green, and most of all – full of harmony and peace, that seem to characterize all of its inhabitants to the degree not known to us until now… And if you want to find out what polyandry is, how to talk with the ruler form an ancient dynasty, not to miss bread for a month and, not being an experienced traveler, how to encounter genre scenarios just like those from the travel magazines photos – pop in and listen 🙂 We will also share a bunch of tips and tricks – how to defeat the altitude sickness, purchase cashmere at a local price, deal with dogs in Leh at night, cross rough mountain streams and such things.
Ola & Bartek Fabjański – very much together, very much in love – also in SLOT. They travel with a swing or without it. They especially cherish the ability to marvel at things that may seem small and outwardly trifle. They like people. They don’t like spiders.

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