You can sit down here among geometric shapes to talk, to have a coffee, to read a book or even to become a part of an art installation. During the day we will learn new skills with workshops, discuss some important topics and at night, under the white spherical tents the artists will play for us on the Unplugged Stage.

We are open:
TUESDAY from 17:00

What can you find here:

FairTravel – talks about sustainable approach to the world and traveling.
We will talk about how important it is to step out of one’s own traveling experience and excitement it gives. We want to talk about seeing the context we are in when traveling and about learning to understand the places we visit and treating them with highest respect.

Fifth Element.Fifth Element is the Person, without whom we simply wouldn’t be here. He is the Foundation, He inspires all our actions and is present in them. During the Festival you will find volunteers from the Slottish team willing to talk sincerely about life, values, faith, progress and actual life with God. If you don’t manage to meet anyone like this spontaneously at the Festival, just visit the corridor next to the Meta-noia cafe or the Sphere.

Musical saw workshops
Turn 2 / 11:00–12:45 / 9 people
During the workshops everyone will be able to play this simple instrument, and the 9 people joining at the first day will continue learning until the week’s end, when they will perform together with other instrumentalists. They will also be rewarded with an instrument – Singing Saw and Bow – they can take home with them.


Seminar: „Kill Your Art” Philip Shorey

The „Kill Your Art” seminar is not about art that glorifies art. It’s a seminar about killing your art, so it can truly live. Philip Shorey, founder and director of the Suitcase Sideshow puppet theatre and composer of last year’s SLOT Orchestra performance, with the Nosferatu – A Symphony of Horror concert will challenge the stories and principles of his own book. About running away from the artistic rat race and learning to work with the creator of the universe to change the world.
#media – a mission to inform and responsibility
Marcin Żyła – journalist, deputy chief editor of „Tygodnik Powszechny”. He wrote reportages from Uganda, Ghana, Lebanon, Lampedusa, Balkans and Germany. During the meeting we will talk about the ways to describe the world, about media responsibility and about ways to influence the reality around us.


Spiritual 101 –
Thy Kingdom Come! #Fifth Element
#helping practically – modern slavery
Agata & Maciej Strzyżewski – they have served for several years by organizing Street Church on the streets of Gdańsk. Since 2018 they visit Pakistan with a mission among people working as slaves in brick factories. To aid their effort they founded the Wszystko Jest Możliwe (Everything Is Possible) Foundation. On Tuesday evening we will talk about working on a mission, helping responsibly and modern slavery.


Spiritual 101 – Thy Kingdom Come! #Fifth Element
#digitalnomads – a whim or value?
Kasia & Łukasz Kaleta – creators of the Eastern Tent, modern nomads since autumn 2018. They lived for some time in several countries of South-Eastern Europe and in Turkey.
Olimpia Jenczek – Head of the ‎Social Initiatives Zone. Has been working on the move for over a year now. We will talk with Olimpia, Kasia and Łukasz about the way we learn to understand the places we visit, about being privileged, about social injustices and about being fair when we travel.

FRIDAY 12.07

6:00 PM-18:45
Spiritual 101
– Thy Kingdom Come! #Fifth Element
#helping practically
– entrepreneurship
We talk with Zbyszek Pawlak and Al Bussard about sustainable development, economic migration, entrepreneurship and multi-culturalism. We will also talk about how to help right.
Zbyszek Pawlak – lecturer, traveler, expert on the East, international consultant on cross-cultural communication. Author of a business handbook for entrepreneurs employing workers from the east.
Al Bussard – his organization Integra is involved in humanitarian aid and development cooperation in Kenya, Ethiopia and Middle East.


Spiritual 101
– Thy Kingdom Come! #Fifth Element
#low budget
– ethically?
Paulina and Daniel Kubas
– young marriage, travelers. They will visit us with stories of half a year they spent in Latin America. We will talk with Paulina and Daniel about traveling on low budget and ethically at the same time, what are the rules of fair-traveler and what does FairTravel mean.

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