Summer Flow

A4 / TUESDAY – SATURDAY / 10:00–21:00
Under the plane tree, at the very heart of the festival, life simply springs forth and overflows! And it overflows with true passion, at a vigorous pace, along with our fast-paced sports competitions, dance duels, mini skate park (don’t forget to bring your skateboard / rollerblades / BMX!), and for those (temporarily) drained – there’s a chillout zone with a surfing vibe.

11:00–12:45 Frisbee ultimate – simple!
We practice passes, improve our technique and play matches in an enthusiastic and positively competitive atmosphere.

13:00–14:45 Battle dance – set yourself free in dance.
We break the ice, start with joint choreographies, and end with an invitation to real street dance battles. Get ready for the freestyle fire!

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