Art Cathedral

For many years the space of ArtCathedral becomes a stage where we present various kinds of visual art of different artists. Exceptional, ascetic atmosphere of the interiors of the abandoned baroque church encourages contemplation and reflection over presented artworks. Here, in ArtCathedral, the paths of majority of Slotters cross, when they seek relief in hot July days.


A Young Man, 80 years later
Painting exhibition by Bogumił Książek
Location: central nave, side naves
Bogumił Książek, an artist from Kraków, discovers the Portrait of a Young Man, Rafael Santi`s masterpiece lost during the war (previously a pearl of the Czartoryski Collection). For the first time in 80 years, during SLOT Festival, it will be presented to the public. Presentation of our „greatest loss” will be accompanied by exposition documenting the path that led Bogumił Książek to this phenomenal discovery.

Celestial Bodies, Turbans, The Heart of the Sigismund Bell, Masonesses, Cain and Abel, Ecclesia and Synagoga – are the keys to the mystery of Raphael`s Portrait… perceived by many Renaissance researchers as the perfect effigy, comparable with Mona Lisa…but let`s not spoil the surprise.

Storytelling – tattoo
Photography exhibition by Mateusz Chrąchol.
Location: side entrance
Photo series of tattoos, their stories and their “owners”. Behind every tattoo there is something, a meaning, reason for its creation, emotions. Diversity of people and their stories made it possible to create a project that shows us all the hidden beauty.


The Storm
Interactive installation by Dawid Murawski.
Location: main entrance
A storm – an atmospheric phenomenon marked by heavy rain or hail, accompanied by electrical discharges with characteristic sounds and light effects.
Dawid Murawski`s installation transports us into the very heart of a multi-sensory experience of a storm.
The author, IT graduate, with characteristic precision selects widely available internet tools and audiovisual materials registered and published by web users from different parts of the world. That way he builds a kind of crisis experience laboratory – but not the presentation of the atmospheric phenomenon in itself is most important for him. Dawid creates peculiar parallels related to difficult experiences in our lives. He encourages us to look at ourselves from a different perspective, containing networks of relations and events, in which despite moments of fear and darkness we can always finally find a good solution – just like a long-awaited ray of sunshine after a hard stormy night.

A short tale about a river.
Installation by Piotr Słomczewski
Location: central nave
I`m interested in creating artistic situations not only in typical exhibition spaces, but also in public ones, where the audience can spontaneously become a part of the event. Especially important aspect of such projects for me is the stage of physically building the installation. The moment when the artist actively and visibly enters the public space, normally used by his potential audience for different purposes. The moment when it is physically, perfomatively possible to engage in dialogue with the other – the final target of the whole show – when the creator, his creation and the viewer meet for a while in one point of experience exchange – oftentime in a point of a difficult confrontation with another human.
The content of the artwork becomes the narrator and also the key to solve the whole event, that allows to touch the selected, specific aspects of existence, both in the context of personal and collective, social experiences.

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