TUESDAY / 16.00 – 20.00 // WEDNESDAY – SATURDAY / 10.00 – 20.00
Miejsce: G6 Inner Courtyard

ArtRoom is traveling another year – moved to a different place, the experiment continues!
We want to create a place together with you, where we will search and experience. A place were silence is also a sound, and an empty piece of paper is an image. We want to show a story, elegant frames and sounds, exceptional takes on the crazy variety of ways in which we perceive our world.
Let the art of everydayness happen here!
Joanna & Mery – hostesses of ARTroom, aesthetes and activists. A laughing duo that sees tastes and eats colors. They bring the high art back to the ground, domesticate and water it. They say – you have to live in order to design. Let the art of everyday life happen here!

TUESDAY 17.30–19.30
What are circles? – lecture
People have been sitting in different circles for centuries. Circle meetings are becoming more and more popular in Poland. Circles constitute a very specific form of a meeting, during which everyone is equal and every voice is important. It’s a conflict-free space, free from persuading one another, free from giving “the only right” advice. There are many varieties and formulas of circles: there are women’s circles, men’s, children’s, businesses’, perinatal, therapeutic, corrective, Christian,
shamanic, parental circles, etc. For some people, regular participation in circle meetings is important, but there are also people who are afraid of them.Come to the lecture if you want to learn more about the principles and values motivating these meetings as well as how to call and hold them. Perhaps the circle style will turn out to be a great meeting formula to introduce to your local community.
Agnieszka Zerka – is a mother of a five-year-old Sirius, by profession – a pedagogue, by calling – a social leader. For many years she has been conducting women’s and mixed circle meetings.


sensory wall
How often do we forget about the little joys, experienced through pleasant to touch materials, or those improvised sounds of a plastic film. This year we want to turn one whole wall of our space into a sensory wall. After all, we all have something of a child in us 🙂

You can’t imagine Slot without a good read? Don’t worry if you run out of books! Feel invited to our ArtRoom library – you can borrow something interesting here or one of your own books can run a.

circle around Slot.

Reading room
Memories, quotes, stories – reading treats from both the SLOT creators and guests – real collector’s items!
Going back to a text you’ve already read may be worthwhile here – we allow notes and scribbles – interactive and collective reading process! Come with your own book or open up to what you may find here. There’s some cozy deckchairs too!

Is your head overfilled with thoughts in the world full of stimuli? Throw them into the pensieve and enjoy. The moment of freedom at the festival! If you’re dying to know what other people think – take a peek into the jar 😉

Living Gallery
Art created permanently, all the time, every day. Every single moment of your life can become a tiny masterpiece. Let’s try to experience that together!

Strangers’ Mail – send a good word to the world!
Is there still place for handwritten word in the computer age? For the trembling of your heart when you open an envelope?
We hope so! Come to ArtRoom, write a letter to a stranger, and our postmen with a detective flair will surely deliver it to the right person!

Buddy Bench – The Meeting Bench
Or maybe just… immerse yourself in a conversation with someone who (until now) was just another smile, passing you in the crowd?
Sit down, smile and get to know a new Slotter. The jar full of questions (that everybody has their own answers to) might come in handy!
How much can we learn from each other? Feel invited by another Slotter.

exhibition #BÓG & #GOD design
#BÓG (#GOD) – one of the foundations of SLOT DNA. Our everyday companion or maybe a forgotten neighbor? We may be searching for HIM, asking about HIM, reading about HIM, but also we may truly EXPERIENCE. Sometimes we find HIM in the forest wilderness, in the sun reflected in a puddle, in the Scriptures, or within the walls of a temple. WHAT is YOUR GOD like?
We asked the creators of the SLOT Art Festival and we are asking you too. Would you like to tell us something about HIM?
Come, look, add something from yourself!

10.30–11.00 Breakfast together – the taste of senses
We want to taste our breakfast dishes in silence, with eyes closed, picturing the flavors we have just tasted.
Continuing the traditions of years passed, our breakfasts will also be colorful – all colors and senses, unite! Feel invited to join this tasty morning experiment.
Wednesday TOUCH green – do something a little different than usual: if you’re right-handed – eat with your left hand
Thursday SIGHT yellow – breakfast in the dark, eyes closed
Friday WORD pink – describe what you want to eat for breakfast – maybe one of your fellow eaters will prepare it for you?
Saturday SOUND red – we eat our breakfast in silence, no talking, just listening to what’s around you…

A series of conversations with female creators of SLOT. We’ll talk about how looking, listening, speaking, or moving can be a message and a form of art in itself, a work and a passion at the same time – to create the beauty of everyday life.
We’ll talk about stories, motivations, inspirations, and the everyday work of art making.
Wednesday – Dorota Ogrodzka on movement and touch
Thursday – Magda about seeing and not seeing
Friday – Marta Shaw about the power of words
Saturday – Marta Horyza on voice and hearing

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