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Through the movies made by Middle Eastern artists we delve into relations that direct the lives of young people just entering their adulthood. We’re taking a look into Turkey, Tunisia and Israel to see how people struggle with the reality around them and to compare it with our experiences.

The Wild Pear Tree, part 1
Ahlat Ağacı, Turkey 2018, 188 min.
dir. by Nuri Bilge Ceylan

A pedagogy graduate returns to his birthplace. As an incomer from a big city, he looks with a mix of aversion and unwillingness at the provincial community he left a few years ago. But step by step the old reality engulfs him more and more and his dreams about success and a writing career turn out to be difficult to achieve. A minimalistic and melancholic picture about fatherhood.

Attention! It’s only the first part of the movie!

The Wild Pear Tree part 2 (Wednesday movie continued)

FRIDAY 12.07
Beauty and the Dogs
Aala Kaf Ifrit, Tunisia 2017, 100 min.
dir. by Kaouther Ben Hania

Shocking thriller about a young woman who ended up in the wrong place in the wrong time. We’re watching a story of a Tunisian student. We’re witnessing her fight for dignity, while she struggles in a vicious circle of injustice, not knowing who to trust or if she can count on any helping hand.

Foxtrot, Israel 2017, 113 min.
dir. by Samuel Maoz

One day an average Israeli married couple learns about their son’s death on military duty. We observe how each spouse goes through the mourning, how they react to never-ending visits of the family and bureaucrats, with their insincere condolences. It’s a story untypically told, where the father’s intensifying anger meets the power of silence and peace of his wife, all with the addition of son’s surreal war experiences.

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