Satirical Actions Spot

G14 / Tuesday–Saturday / 00:30–02:00

It’s funny when it’s absurd, when the punchline is good, when not everything is said straight, but it’s well acted, with a pinch of finesse. It’s also funny when a guy just steps onto a rake or somebody throws a cake in his face. Polish Comedy Scene is amazingly colorful, exploratory and diverse. Forget the TV comedy shows. In the Satirical Actions Spot you’ll see stand-up – improvised comedy – songs and lots of other forms taking the popular conventions with a pinch of salt and fool around the day-to-day in the most original, characteristic way. It’s a set of comedians from different, one-off worlds. Each of them intriguing, funny, awarded, talented and, what’s most important – worth your attention.
We’re here from Tuesday till Friday. Everyday you can come to Wirydarz at 00:30 and see the best and the most interesting comedians in this country.

Stand Up Evening
Damian Skóra and Kamil Ozimiński
Today we’ve got more stand-up comics than Logan Paul has viewers – a lot, sadly. Finding interesting, good and sensitive ones – with keen observations and good jokes, without coarse clichés and standard openers – is hard. That’s why these two, Damian Skóra and Kamil Ozimiński, rule the Polish stages. An unfulfilled musician from Krakow and a seasoned comedian from the merry city of Łódź. Neither of them will dissapoint you.

Improvised dubbing
Improvisers from Wrocław and Warsaw

Remember the iconic scene from the Titanic – the one with Rose and Jack on the bow of the ship. Now imagine how instead of love they are talking about special offer at Walmart. „Have you heard of the Walmart there, over the horizon with special weekend offer? Everything’s 30% off!”. That’s the kind of surprising combinations you can expect at improvised dubbing. An improvisers’ group from Wrocław and Warsaw will live-dub selected fragments of the most famous movies. It will be moving, touching, surprising and everything based on your suggestions.

One man show
Jachimek 1500

Tomasz Jachimek may be one of the most popular and most vivid characters in Polish comedy. Commentator of the “Szkło Kontaktowe” for many years, columnist, a recurring guest of the comedy shows of Polish Radio Three, writer – a one man show. Exceptional announcer, comedian, stand-up, who is, rightfully, sincerely and authentically – which is a rare thing – respected for his unique and intelligent sense of humour. Calling him a “living legend” may strain his modesty, but wouldn’t be far from truth. To miss his show would be like not seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris or not seeing the sea when visiting the Polish Tricity. Modern, fresh, up-to-date, always on point – Tomasz Jachimek.

FRIDAY 12.07
Improvised musical
The Musicals

Musical theatre. For years have been captivating us with catchy songs, crazy choreographies and incredible energy. The Musicals will not only perform a musical play – they will create it right in front of you! The story and characters, music and songs, choreography and choruses – just give them a title! Everything will be improvised and performed only this one time. You can expect comedy of highest quality.
The Musicals – a group of improvisers from Warsaw connected by comedy and music.

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