Street Art

Street Art is a new Slottish project created for all kinds of exhibitions, ideas and installations that were not completely categorized by any of existing types of events in the festival programme – it’s the lamp on the Plane Tree, the FireShow underneath, the Humans of SLOT and Everyday Life II, Dorigami, photo exhibitions, you can see in corridors and Cafes. Keep your eyes open, Slottish Street Art can surprise!

Dominik Kazuś i Ada Rykaluk
Location: G2
Origami is definetely something more than art. It’s a special way of spending time, meeting new people and visiting places you haven’t been to. For us every piece of paper is a history – part of ourselves we pass on. Experience with paper is not important – with a little willingness and imagination, the possibilities are virtually endless! Feel incited to fold with us and help create this colorful and unique gallery of works.
Adrianna Rykaluk and Dominik Kazuś of the Dorigami group invite you.

Humans of SLOT
Anna Śliwa, Mirek Górski and Damian Kostka
Location and time: everywhere and every day
Second edition of the popular project from last year, results of which you can see here:
Despite lots of efforts and best intentions, Ania, Mirek and Damian were able to photograph only a part of the Slotters – that is why this time they are back with reinforcements! You won’t escape the lenses and photographers asking you about the meaning of life. The project is based on the famous blog Humans of New York

Everyday life II
Hubert Kostka and Damian Kostka
location: G1 Gafa
Time: everyday, 11:00–13:00
The everyday life of each of us is different. Show us yours. Everyday life, not only festival one, is back at SLOT. The exhibition will grow with each day, you can bring your own prints or photos on anything (we can print them here).


Volunteers stories – photo essays series
Ania Śliwa
Created: everywhere
Slot wouldn’t be possible without the work of volunteers. Regular participant of SLOT Art Festival may not even be aware that over 40 volunteering teams keep watch over him and every detail of the festival. Some of the teams are easy to spot: registration volunteers or security teams. But does everyone know that there are 5 different teams needed for a main stage concert to be held? The aim of the project is presenting the everyday work of chosen volunteering teams, the hardships they face and the joys they experience. Many Slottish photographers will be involved in this project. The results of their everyday work will be available on Facebook –

Without culture
Photo exhibition Mateusz Starowicz
Modern culture is easily accessible – we can easily find exhibitions, concerts and show we are interested in. But does art “without culture” exist? The artists create it everyday, we can find them on streets, in houses, in little cafes and pubs. In the “Without culture” project we want to present these independent artists that create on their own. “Without culture” refers to independence of art that we want to promote.

Time: all of the festival time
Location: all of the festival grounds
CoSphere is a platform supporting the knowledge management and learning the world. Learning in accordance with the way the human brain works and learning embedded in reality. Learning not taken out of context. Learning without division into school subjects. Learning in which science and art are not separated by a thick wall. It’s a web application that aims to bring back the natural learning process, so much different than the one we see at school. It’s a knowledge base formulated on the basis of questions and curiosity of a child. It’s a tool for interaction with subjects and ideas but also with the surrounding world.
At Slot you can find CoSphere as QR codes on the festival grounds – find them and scan them with your phone. The QR code will take you to the piece of knowledge connected with the place where you are. The app is full of presentations, senses-engaging games and answers to questions about the world around. We hope to leave you with a want for learning more and with more questions. We want to retrieve your childhood curiosity – when we used to flood the world with non-stop wave of questions.
Bartek Szczepański invites

Soundless language
Magdalena Tracz
Time: all of the festival time
Location: E7, Café Cynamon
I am giving you the portraits I have created to discover in your own, new way. You can just pass them by, naturally, as they are just unknown people, but you can try to break through the info casing and maybe even trick your brain that wants explanations who, what for, why? Let the images talk to you, listen to their soundless language.

Marek Hajduk
Location: E9
A series of photographies made with using a microscope that turned out to be a spaceship. It made me realize that the cosmos is not somewhere very far, but it is extremely close and it permeates every smallest structure of everything around us.


Night walks with the stars
Time: Tuesday–Saturday, 23:00
Location: we meet under the Plane Tree
During the walks we will discover the constellations of the summer sky and planets. We will learn what the “averted vision” technique is and, if we are lucky, we will see the International Space Station and satellites. We will also learn some things about thermonuclear reactions – about lifecycle and types of stellar classification. We meet everynight at 23:00
Kasia Biel & Bartek Bieda invite.


Open Stage
Location: F
Friday, 12.07 / 18:00
Do you want to see something amazing, you have never seen before? Come to the Slottish Open Stage 2019! Acrobatics, illusion, singing, juggling, contortion – these are just some of the things you’ll see here! More than a dozen performances of artists from all over Poland. Additional visual and acoustic experiences provided by the location – the ArtCathedral!
Grzegorz Jastrzębski and Dominika Osam-Gyaabin invite

Great Fire Finale
Time: Saturday 12.07, 00:30-01:30
Location: A4, Plane Tree
The Great Fire Finale is a unique spectacle created during Slot by experienced fireshow artists and challenge-thirsty Slotters. We present the effects of this cooperation under the Plane Tree on the last day of the festival after SloTv. To perform in the GFF you don’t need knowledge or skills. We will provide conditions to gain them, we only need your dedication.
We recruit the Brave on the second festival day during the workshop “Juggler on a stage like a lion out of cage”. We recommend also other juggling workshops where you can learn the technical skills. See you there!
Adam Banach invites

9 July at / 18:00 / next to the Plane Tree / A4
Soundbinder is a moving stage, an orchestra-bicycle. A steel three-wheel bicycle weighing over 500 kg, half a ton of stage on wheels – front frame, two big wheels and steel seats were taken from a 19th-century farming machine, a horse-pulled hay rake. It’s a feet-operated vehicle – 4 bicycle chains and two driving cranks. The soundbinder is equipped with a soundysystem, microphone, keayboard, bass, drum kit, saxophone, Accordion, mouth harps, didgeridoo, berimbao, harmonizer, and looper thet allows one person to plat many instruments. Singing, dancing, puppet animation – one-person musical quartet. Sambor Dudziński in a clever way and with humor takes his viewers into the epic world of imagination. He sings songs, tells stories plays various instruments, makes people laugh and be touched, inspires, frees of worries. An open-air show without technical rider. Everything comes ready.

“Bajki i baśnie młode” (En. Young fables and fairy-tales) is 12 original texts For children with musical invitation to have fun together.
Commemorative photos on the Soundbinder.

“Bajki dla dorosłych po zmroku” (En. Mature fairy-tales after dark) 13 stories with beautiful music and fair-tale stage set, costumes, and big-screen projections.

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