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Location A10

WEDNESDAY 10.07.2019, 20.00
Misterium buffo
Orbis Tertius Foundation – Lech Raczak’s Third Theatre

Misterium Buffo is an anti-misterium. It breaks the convention of a humbled narrative of God watching us from above, reprimanding. After all, as the Bible says, His son did not become human to now stay distant and detached. But such a natural, sometimes even naive, approach will rather be stigmatised than understood. The whole idea of the show seems risky, with actors acting out the roles of Death, Pope and Undertaker, mercilessly unmasking the institutionalized face of the modern Church, its pride, luxury and lust for power and rule over souls. The show alternates between cynical and grotesque, ironic and vicious.
God, according to Dario Fo, is merciful, friendly, not punishing and excluding. Jesus is an ordinary young man with an ordinary story. Story of a boy next door or a madman who does good.
Written, translated and directed by: L. Raczak
Based on Mistero buffo by Dario Fo
Video and lights: K. Urban
Music: P. Paluch
Starring: M. Walas-Antoniello, J. Stolarski, W. Siedlecki, P. Stachowczyk, P. Paluch, K. Klebba.

THURSDAY 11.07.2019., 20.00

FRIDAY 12.07.2019, 20.00
Sorok dniej
Stop the Rotostage – Kraków Group
Forty days. That’s how much time a deceased gets on Caucasus to part with his family. On the last day a tent is set up on the street and tables are filled with finest dishes to honor the dead. Nobody is invited, yet everybody comes, friends and strangers. But this time it is not an ordinary farewell in the eternal cycle of birth-youth-maturity-old age and… death.
On 1 September 2004, during a terrorist attack on an elementary school in Beslan, 334 people died, including 186 children… the tents set up for every street were for them. They accommodated all of the dead saying their farewell and the living, stripped of their joy of life.
In the tent sit the citizens and the terrorists. The victims and their executioners, who were once somebody else’s victims. Ever-turning wheel of roles. Is there a way to stop it? And who can do it?
Inspired by the book Broken city. Beslan by Z. Pawlak and J. Wlazło
Starring: K. Kuśmider, T. Kuśmider-Zygmunt, M. Riess, A. Szewczyk, R. Ziobro, K. Augustynek, S. Włodek, J. Kouba, A. Ryl, M. Gancarczyk
Directed by: Ola Barczyk/the Crew
Sound: W. Fularz
Lights: K. Hosaja

SATURDAY 13.07.2019., 20.00
Oriana. The Piece.
Kombinat Theatre
Oriana plays only loud pieces. Not only when it comes to fighting the hated legates of power and dictatorship – even when it comes to loving a man.
Everywhere where freedom and justice are at stake – she herself becomes an insolent, maybe even evil, musical piece…
Oriana. The Piece is a text inspired by the life of Italian journalist, Oriana Fallaci. A life full of fighting, perseverance, courage to make choices and relentlessly speaking ones subjective truth. But life like this often comes with a high price. We are watching an existence torn between contradicting desires: a need to be in the centre of crucial events and a need to retreat to a private, hermetic world. Between demonstrating one’s independence and longing for intimacy, duty of radical reaction and a need to remain silent, between striving for peace and waging open wars…
Written by: Rita Jankowska
Starring: Katarzyna Baraniecka
Music: Marek Otwinowski
Stage design amd costume: Katarzyna Leks
Choreography: Anna Gancarz
Directing supervision: Katarzyna Dudzic-Grabińska
Lighting: Daniel Piastowski
Sound: Rafał Wortolec

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