Manual workshops

turn 1 / location H5 / level 2 / max 10
You will crochet your own bracelet out of tiny Japanese glass TOHO beads. A lot of tedious work with a beautiful final effect.
Kasia Chalot – pedagogue and speech therapist. She hyas been beading and handcrafting for 5 years.

Zero waste jewelery
turn 3 / location H4 / level 1 / max 10
You see the world through the rose-colored spectacles and you see works of art in trash? I will show you how to give second life to old tights and turn them into decorations.
Dorota Chojnacka – co-creator of the Oplotki Association, bringing together manufacturers. She founded and heads the DOKA company.

Leftover jewelery
turn 2 / location H5 / level 1 / max 10
The workshop is a great opportunity to create jewelery from leftover textiles – in the spirit of zero waste. Our work will create charms, key-chains, earings and other wonders.
Magda Czepirska – owner of a creative studio, where she sews, makes jewelery and accesories.

DIY bracelets
turn 3/ location F6/ 15 people/ level 1
We will turn aluminum soda can pins into beautiful, colorful bracelets. We will create unique adornments by weaving colorful ribbons.
Francoise Mazurek – educator at the Boissor Association in Luzech. She loves sewing and making jewelery.

Sequin Decorations
turn 3/ location F8/ 15 people/ level 1
During the workshop we will decorate Styrofoam shapes with pins and colorful sequins in order to obtain multicolored, fancy patterns. Workshop designed for those who want to have an extraordinary hand-made souvenir from SAF for their close ones or for themselves.
Agata Barciak, Ewa Grossman – participants of the “Ostoja” Occupational Therapy Workshop, Marta Hajdrych – special  educator specializing in Pedagogical Therapy, cultural organizer, art therapist. Occupational therapist in “Ostoja” Occupational Therapy Workshop.

 turn 2 / location B4 / level 1 / max 20
Ceramics is an extraordinary blend of technique and aesthetics. The participants will make and fire clay dishes We will also decorate tiles and mugs you bring.
Bernarda Gołąb – a Master of Arts, graduate of ceramics instructor and art therapy course. An art & design and technology teacher, she runs her own creative studio.

 turn 1 / location B4 / level 1 / max 10
Cyanotype is a noble photography technique. Travel back in time and create your own blue print.  During the workshop you will prepare the light-sensitive paper and expose it to the image of flower or other small objects composition.
Judyta Krzyżanowska – graduate of communication and the Creative Arts Centre in Wrocław, computer graphic designer and passionate of art photography. Leads photography workshops. 

turn 1 / location E5 / level 1 / max 25
Decoupage  is a way to create something yourself using only imagination, glue, lacquer, napkins, wood and cardboard. During the workshops we will create various objects – using your ideas for what you want.
Natalia Orlikowska – Renewable Energy Sources student, optometrist. She started her decoupage adventure at Slot.

turn 3 / location B7 / level 1 / max 20
The aim of the workshops is to present the theoretical knowledge on wearing and making dreadlocks, on their types and care. We plan to also practically learn the technique, that will let you make your own dreadlock out of synthetic hair.
Łukasz Winkler – he owns a dreadlock maintenance workshop Wu Kwadrat and leads alternative hairdressing courses, i.a. in professional schools and hairdressing classes. He received a “Fashionable Hair Expert” certificate from the website.

Ecology – how can we save the world?
turn 3 / location E6 / level 1 / max 10
The workshop promotes environment protection and eceological awareness.  Topics: Wednesday –  world pollution, Thursday – zero waste, Friday – ecological cooking,  Saturday – ecological cosmetics.
Agnieszka Kotkiewicz – environmental engineer, environmental protection specialist of an international project-consulting company, with experience in environmental audits(Environmental Due Diligence).

Tie-dye – t-shirt dyeing  
 turn 2/ location D4 / level 1 / max 15
Learning to dye fabrics with the tie-dye technique (preparing the dye, various methods of folding and dyeing fabrics). Please, bring a white T-shirt with you.
Natalia Lewandowska – passionate and long-term workshop hosts of tie-dye, by education an ethnologist and anthropologist.

Flex in theory and in practice
turn 1 / location E3/
A one-of-a-kind opportunity to take part in the entire process of application of thermotransfer materials – from cutting the image by hand or on a plotter through processing to final application on a bag or a t-shirt. Please, bring your own, one-colored materials.
Maria Płóciennik – cultural organizer, pedagogue, trainer, art therapist, circus pedagogue. In everyday life she works with children, she also owns a a business called Czary Mary.

We photograph things we won’t eat
turn 1 / location E10 / level 1 / max 20
Engine oil instead of honey or glue imitating milk – not all of the food you see in ads is edible and real. We will show you how to prepare such dishes and, what’s more important, how to photograph them well.
Hipolit Terpiński – freelance photographer with long experience in studio work.

Spatial forms
 turn 1 / location G12 / level 1 / max 15
The workshop is immersion into the world of form and structure. We will design and create 3D models-reliefs out of cardboard. Everyone will have a chance to be an architect.
 Krzysztof Janiszewski – architect, drawing teacher, he works in a creative agency.

“Dutchman” The Game
turn 3 / location F8 / 15 people / level 1
The “Holender” (Dutchman) game came from Michael College in Breda, the Netherlands. Perfect game to train your concentration, accuracy and hand-eye coordination. It teaches friendly competing, arouses positive emotions and brings a lot of joy. Both experienced players and newcomers are welcome.
Krzysztof Puchyra – a photographer, musician, contemplative of the reality. He runs, plays basketball and swims. He works as a disabled person assistant in the Ostoja Association.
Adam Dyjak, Krzysztof Gałecki – participants of Ostoja Occupational Therapy Workshop.

Flat embroidery
turn 2 / location F7 / level 1 / max 8
Flat embroidery is an adventure with creating new patterns and forms on a textile. Workshops for all those, who didn’t come in contact with emroidery yet and for those who already know the basic stitches.
Jadzia Korzeniowska – she handcrafts, she is an emroidery and weaving journeywoman and directs the ArtKo Creative Studio, where she teaches artistic handcraft.

Medieval calligraphy,
turn 2 / location H2 / level 1 / max 10
Learn the uncial script, a round-shaped and charming early medieval writing. Become a scribe and learn how to draw letters with nib and a holder. Learn how the books were made in the old days.
Aleksandra Brambor-Rutkowska – Polish philologist, editor specializing in publication design, has been practicing calligraphy for 6 years. Graduate of Barbara Bodziony Calligraphy and Illumination School and many calligraphy courses.

turn 3 / location E1 / level 1 / max 30
A cat, a mouse or maybe a toy for your pet? At the workshop we will use scrap paper and materials to create ecological mascots.
Agnieszka Kwiecień – student, for years working with different manual and handcrafting techniques. She shares her knowledge and skills during workshops.

Waldorf doll
 turn 1 / location E1 / level 2 / max 10
At our workshop we will create Waldorf dolls. To sew them we will use natural materials – cotton, sheep fleece and colored beeswax. We will also use unwanted and disused clothes.
Małgorzata Łozowska – graduate of pedagogics, andragogics, and ethnology.

 turn 2 / location E1 / level 1 / max 15
The participants will make the matrices themselves – using a chisel we will cut linoleum in patterns that we then copy with printing ink. The effect is black and white, original prints.
Ewa Makowska – visual artist, elementary school art teacher.

Creatures, imaginations and other creations
turn 2 / location C1 / level 1 / max 12
We will create scrap men, stick folks, vegetable people, fruit faeries and blot monsters, which are all creatures created from scraps, sticks, vegetables, fruits, ink blots and other various materials. The plan is to have lots of creative fun! Workshop for children from 4 to 6 years old.
Agata Hanuszkiewicz,  graphic designer, Academy of Fine Arts graduate and Marta Pochaba, conservator restorer, Academy of Fine Arts graduate. Both are moms that test their ideas for creative actions on their children.

 turn 1 / location A3 / level 1 / max 15
You will learn to create with strings, using the macrame knots. Decorative textiles tapestries, hang-walls, friendship bracelets – there are lots of possible effects. Come and knot with us!
Katarzyna Czampiel – Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź student, artist, fabric designer, painter, cycling enthusiast, traveler.

Henna painting
turn 3 / location E5 / level 1 / max 10
At the workshops you will learn a very relaxing technique of decorating body with henna, that is non-harmful to the skin, completely safe and allows to let your imagination run loose as a brilliant alternative for tattoos.
Kamila Andryszczak – henna hobbyist, she learned painting at individual lessons.

Bubbly balls and bath pralines
turn 3 / location F7 / 15 people / level 1
A workshop full of colors and smells during which you will be able to make a bubbly ball or bath praline yourself using simple and healthy ingredients. The balls, made based on baking soda with herbs, dried flowers and essence oils, are a true explosion of colors and smells.
Agnieszka Koszelnik, Dominika Konior – participants of the “Ostoja” Occupational Therapy Workshop. Katarzyna Zimniak – journalist and special educator, occupational therapist in the ceramics workshop of “Ostoja” OTW

Hexagonally around the edges
 turn 2 / location F2 / level 1 / max 10
The world is full of rags we produce and then throw away. It doesn’t have to be so. We discover a technique, that gives new life to as many scraps of textile as we want. Working with textiles is like fireworks going off.
Sylwia Szczypińska – handcrafter by love, blogger.

Notebook – bookbinding workshop
 turn 1 / location H8 / level 1 / max 10
During the workshops the participants will learn three techniques of Japanese notebook binding. Every person will create three notebooks, that they will be able to take as a souvenir or a gift for their close ones.
Anna Kubik  – graduate of the Pedagogical University of Kraków Art Department, student of Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków Graphic Design Department. Co-founder of the Brzuch Group, working with art books.

Recycled images
turn 3/ location F2/ 15 people/ level 1
During the workshop we will create colorful collages. In autoportrait, portrait or other image, using unnecessary, recycling elements such as soda caps, corks, buttons, paperclips, rubber bands, toothpicks, plastic bags etc. we will show ourselves and others our “soul music”!
Anna Pichler – art historian, cultural manager specialized in art therapy, pedagogue. Occupational therapist of “Ostoja” manufacture workshop.
Marcin Dąbrowski, Kamila Kempa – participants of “Ostoja” Occupational Therapy Workshop.

 turn 2 / location E5 / level 1 / max 12
Origami is not hard or boring at all. We will create incredible models with different difficulty and complexity levels. Fold your own good day!
Dominik Kazuś – for 2 years now professionaly leads origami workshops, creating custom models and origami-realted comissions.

Papier mâché
 turn 2 / location F3 / level 1 / max 15
Papier mâché allows to create artificial objects and unusual forms. We will focus on creating stone imitations and other objects of applied arts.
Krzysztof Sadowski – artist,  architect, graphic designer, pattern specialist, designer.

Paper wicker
 turn 3 / location H5 / level 1 / max 15
Old papers, that would otherwise be thrown away, can be used to make true pieces of art. They are not only pleasent to the eye, but they are also items useful in everyday life made in the spirit of ecology and respect for nature.
 Jane Pacheco – missionary, leader of handcrafting workshops. She learned the techniques she will present in Paraguay.

Pyrography – burn mark decorations
 turn 2 / location in front of F5 / level 1 / max 8
Pyrography – decorating wood with burn marks. We will learn the basics and make projects. We will create ornaments, thematic bracelets, sketchbook-diary with our own cover and other object you will take with you.
Łukasz Szatrow – passionate of traveling and expedition planning. Artist and graphic designer. Has been working with pyrography for 4 years

Plastic Revolution
turn 2 / location E3 / level 2 / max 10
The workshop is learning and acting together. We will grind platic waste and then melt them into useful items. See how to recycle plastic that is in excess all around us.
Magdalena Michalak – design student of Acedamy of Fine Arts, trainee in the Kółko i Krzyżyk graphic studio.

Knitting with fingers,  or knitting without needles
 turn 1 / location F7 / level 1 / max 30
Has anyone ever tried to convince you that you are all thumbs? No, you are not! At the workshop I will prove that everyone is manually talented. You will make jewelery and clothing elements. Working with a partner you will be able to make a vegetable bag.
Barbara Palewicz-Ryży – she runs knitting workshops at all levels. She shares her knowledge and reflections on the topic at She created the Sztrykowanie Na Ekranie (“Knitting on the screen”) show in TV Imperium in Gliwice and wrote a book Robótki na paluszkach (“Knitting with fingers”).

Decorative candles
turn 3 / F10 / 20 people / level 1
We will make decorative candles in special forms. You can bring your own elements (dried fruits, beads, pasta) to sink it into the wax
Łukasz Antoniszyn – occupational therapist in the “Ostoja” Lower Silesia Association for Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy.
Zbigniew Hajdrych – graduate of Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Volunteer connected with “Ostoja”
Piotr Kaczmarek, Małgorzata Pałka, Jan Kot, Sylwia Wierzbowska – participants of “Ostoja” OTW.

Machine sewing
turn 3 / location E3 / level 1 / max 10
You will learn how to use a sewing machine. Some will sew a bag, others – a pillowcase. Everyone will use the machine, learn basic stitches, accessories and sartorial techniques.
Justyna Wójcik – graduate of TWP Wrocław tailoring course and an application course at Patchwork Wrocław. A tailor by education and passion, sewing since she was 5 years old, owner of the Na Maszynie brand.

 Recycled crocheting
turn 3 / location H8 / level 1 / max 10
Do you want to begin your crocheting adventure? Come! We will make the so-called T-shirt wool out of a cotton shirt and then use a crocheting needle to make colorful baskets.
Magdalena Szlachetka – crocheting enthusiast, she leads workshops and creates items.

turn 3 / F3 / 15 people / level 1
Artistic creation with ink. We will blow on ink blots, stir them with sticks, toothpicks, feathers etc. We will connect, tangle, scratch lines, dots and spots. We will look for interesting forms and images. At the end of the workshops, we will make an exhibition of “ink-maniacs’” works.
Wojciech Budnik – musician, graphic designer, film-maker, occupational therapist of „Ostoja” OTW. Aleksandra Kisielewicz, Magdalena Hęcka – participants of the “Ostoja” Occupational Therapy Workshop.

Loom weaving
turn 2 / location H8 / level 1 / max 15
Kilim – a hand-woven wall decoration. Using a loom, wools, colorful combed wools and our hands we will create a easy-on-the-eye Slot souvenir. Look around – inspiration is everywhere.
Katarzyna Krych – weaving passionate, leads workshops and teaches weaving.

Portrait in space
turn 1 / location A1 / level 2 / max 20
Photographic and sociological workshop introducing the problems of proxemics, which is a study of interpersonal distance in the relationship of a photographer and a photographed person.After a theoretical introduction there will be time to work in pairs and discuss the photographs.
Magdalena Tracz – a contemporary photography curator, computer graphic designer, currently working as an portrait photographer and leading workshops.

Architectural Drawing.
 turn 2 / location F8 / level 1 / max 30
What is perspective, a keystone, a groin-crossed vault? You will receive answers to these questions, you will get paper, an eraser and a pencil and then we will try yo dtaw architecture together.
Andrzej Kabat – lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, ABRYS College and in Autorskie Licea Artystyczne. Architect.
Sebastian Płaszewski – interior decorator and renovator. Lighting and stage designer.

Design a house
 turn 2 / location H4 / level 1 / max 12
How are things build around the world? What are your living needs? What kind of house would you design for yourself? To answer these questions we will sketch, invent and plan house designs.
Barbara Wikarek – architect working in a design studio, she leads classes for students, teaches drawing and painting.

Woven with string
 turn 2 / location F6 / level 1 / max 30
If you want to find out how you can easily make home decorations – lampshades, baubles, vases, mugs and others – come and see that it is possible! Get your creativity going with string as your main material.
Dariusz Sandecki – IT specialist, programmer, handicraftsman.

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