Misc Worshops

Variety is part of SLOT’s philosophy. We want to create an environment, in which different tones can sound, different colors can meet, different approaches can find their place – approaches to art, to culture, to life. For us interdisciplinarity is what’s important – combining points of view, languages and attitudes. We believe in meetings, we want to cross the borders of forms and styles – only then it’s possible to discover, develop, change. Misc workshops is the abundance of variety and interdisciplinarity. Exceptional, original ideas and views on the ways one can practice creative attitude in every aspect of life.

I am glad you are
turn 1 / location B7 / level 1 / max 30
During the workshops we create space to meet with others, a space of New Culture, where the presence of others is a gift, where one experiences community.
Maciek Antkowiak – researcher and lecturer, coach and trainer. Participant of the Group Training and Therapy Study at the Lower Silesian Center of Psychoterapy and at the Institute of Process Psychology (IPP) in Warsaw.

Chemistry at your fingertips
turn 3 / location P2 / level 1 / max 10
Manganese oxidation, ion reactions, food analysis, pyrotechnic demonstrations – chemistry is not only science, but also fun. The variety of experiments will let everyone find something for themselves.
Anna Antoniak – a student of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Gdańsk, with experience of working in a chemical laboratory.

Chinese for beginners
turn 3 / location A8 / level 1 / max 20
While drinking traditionally brewed tea we will find out that the Chinese language is not that difficult. We will learn basic Chinese phrases and try calligraphy.
Aleksandra Staruch – sinologist, Chinese language teacher at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Confucius Institute

Baby sling wrapping
turn 3 / location C1 / level 1 / max 6
We invite everyone who is curious how to and why it is worth to carry children, or just wants to free their hands. We will show you the front, back and ring binding.
Aleksandra Górska – doula, birth coach, instructor of the birth school. Certified Advisor of Carrying Children in Slings. Privately a mother of three.

Reading images – audio description workshops
turn 1 / location H2 / level 1 / max 15
Do the blind know what the Mona Lisa looks like? How do you describe a yellow submarine to someone who never saw the color yellow? During the workshop we will learn the basics of audio description – describing works of art.
Monika Dubiel – psychologist and Spanish philologist. She works in the Kultura bez Barier (Culture without Barriers) Foundation, where she coordinates activities related to theater accessibility and conducts trainings for employees of cultural institutions in the field of visually impaired spectators. Blind person, consultant of solutions for visually impaired people and moderator of meetings devoted to culture and its accessibility.

Education from scratch – let’s start with children
turn 1 / location G13 / level 1 / max 30
These workshops are discussions and activities aimed at reflecting on education and upbringing and finding solutions that prioritize child development.
Borys Bińkowski – doctor of geography, educator, teacher. His scientific activities oscillate between psychology, education and neuroscience.

Esperanto – Escape Classroom
turn 2 / location H1/ level 1 / max 30
Language learning combined with an escape room. Solve the puzzle together, break the language barrier and escape from the classroom with knowledge of the enigmatic Esperanto language.
Mariusz Hebdzyński – leads Esperanto workshops, is an active member of Polish Esperanto Youths and World Esperanto Youth Organization, co-creates the International Esperanto Youth Congress.

Ethnobotanics – cultural, natural and functional significance of roadside plants
turn 1 / location A9* / level 1 / max 15
We will learn more about plants that are often overlooked despite having many surprising properties. Modest specimens of flora growing on roads and fringes can be useful or culturally important. We will discover them together!
Anna Traut-Seliga – doctor of biological sciences, academic teacher, social activist, trainer of ecological education, organizer of the Festival of Science of the State University of Applied Sciences in Skierniewice and other popular scientific events.

(Slot) Location based game – “Field finds”
turn 1 / location A10* / level 1 / max 25
Become an adventurer – together with other participants you will search for objects, people and places, solve puzzles on the festival grounds. You will need a phone to take pictures and a bit of imagination.
Tomasz Krawczyk – logistics expert, works in the Cała Naprzód (Full-Steam Ahead) Association, which organizes cultural events that includes people with disabilities. For 4 years he has coordinated the Parking Security team of SLOT.

Take care of yourself when you help others
turn 2 / location E10 / level 1 / max 20
This workshop is the result of care for the helpers. Most often the shoemaker’s son goes barefoot and those who help others, put themselves in the second place or lose themselves somewhere along the way. Workshops are the time to stop and look at ourselves and our resources.
Agnieszka Kaluga – psychologist, therapist, volunteer, writer, author of the award-winning blog zorkownia.pl, lecturer and speaker.

How to behave in a forest
turn 2 / location A9* / level 1 / max 18
The workshop is an opportunity to learn how to enjoy wildlife wisely (e.g. when walking with your dog) and to track wild animals responsibly with your camera. Gabriel Moskal – a mushroom picker, tinkerer, hunting enthusiast, he has helped foresters and farmers in their work.

You are me, I am you
turn 3 / location G2 / level 1 / max 18
We will give you a chance to look at the world from a completely different perspective. You will be able to see the strength of your muscles and mind. What is physical fitness? You don’t have to be athletic, you don’t even have to like sports to experience your fitness and yourself. Workshop combined with discussion.
Ewa Budnik – therapist of the “Ostoja” Occupational Therapy Workshop. Agata Rosiak – pedagogue, occupational therapist in gardening-wickerworing studio in “Ostoja” OTW.
Marzena Kita, Krzysztof Stoparek, Elżbieta Skiba, Klaudia Rusinowska – participants of “Ostoja” OTW.

You are what you read, watch or hear
turn 3 / location D5 / level 1 / max 30
With the involvement of participants, we will expose cases of negative phenomena occurring in the media, such as fake news, hate speech and manipulation, and we will talk about the influence of the media on our attitudes.
Filip Gołębiewski – sociologist, fascinated with social behavior. Founder and Board President of the Institute of Discourse and Dialogue. Coordinator of many social, scientific and commercial projects. Coach, trainer, moderator. Author of scientific and popular science publications. Former director of the “Civic Monitoring of Courts” program at the Court Watch Polska Foundation.

(Even) better parent
turn 2 / location G13 / level 1 / max 20
We will try to find answers to questions about how to teach your child rules, values and direct them to happiness, and how to communicate with teenagers. The main topic: building a relationship with a child.
Alicja Niemierko Pająk – family psychologist, systemic therapist, practitioner of Original Play – therapy through fun.

Life decisions cards – a creative tool for thinking
turn 3 / P3 / 25 people / level 1
Life Decisions Cards are a tool to help you make decisions about what to use your time for. Each card represents an activity, which makes it easier to handle. We can literally take matters into our own hands, put them on the table, think and sort by importance. In the theoretical part of the workshop we will discuss gamification and the psychology of motivation. In the creative part, the participants will create their own personalized cards, which they will be able to take with them and test “in action”.
Stanisław Borawski – psychologist, academic teacher and entrepreneur. He makes sure that the transferred knowledge has a solid scientific basis. He invented the Life Decisions Cards when he was looking for a way to motivate himself.
Katarzyna Kaffka – graphic designer, designer of cards and their whole visual identity. She believes that everyone can develop a sense of aesthetics.

Coffee – from plantation to your cup.
turn 2 / location B3 / 15 people / level 1
During workshops you will follow the path of the coffee bean from distant plantations, through the roasting room, to a cup of aromatic brew. You’ll learn how to make a good brew at home, what speciality coffees are. and how the origin of the beans influences the taste. You’ll also see what green beans look like and we’ll roast coffee together in the samples oven.
Adam Laska – barista, roaster, co-owner of the KAFAR coffee roasters. . Co-founder of the YT channel Czajnikowy.pl

Business communication on the Internet and social media
turn 2 / P4 / 40 people / level 1
The workshop presents the ways of communication with the customer on the Internet. Different customers mean different methods and means of communication. Workshop’s participants will learn about the most important ways of communication in basic Internet media. We will present an overview of the possibilities and the best ways to reach your customers – blog, newsletter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and podcasts.
Krzysztof Burzyński – I have been snooping around in business for 15 years. Ex-manager of a chain of stores, currently a trainer and advisor in communication, also on-line. I co-create TEDxKoszalin. Husband of one wife and three wonderful rascals.

When did Christians cease to be Jews?
turn 1 / location D12 / level 1 / max 30
The first followers of Christ were Jews – when did the paths of Judaism and Christianity separate? We will examine this by looking at the ancient texts and archaeological discoveries.
Zuzanna Radzik – theologian, columnist, author of books, board member of the Forum for Dialogue, contributor to “Tygodnik Powszechny”.

The Deaf culture
turn 3 / location D2 / level 1 / max 15
What is the Deaf Culture? Is it possible to create poetry in sign language? Try to communicate in a visual-spatial language and get to know a person who lives in two worlds every day.
Alina Szeptycka – Polish language teacher, anti-discrimination educator. She studies at the Holistic School of Trainers. She works at the Katarynka Foundation, which works for the accessibility of culture for people with visual and hearing disabilities, and runs the Kultura Równości (Culture of Equality) Association in Wrocław, which works for human rights.

Life Cafe – coaching workshop.
turn 3 / location G12 / level 1 / max 30

The goal of the workshop is to show how to use the art of conversation and coaching tools to help discover and release the potential of your conversation partner. Dawid Wawrzyniak – coach, trainer, lecturer and conference speaker. He prepares and conducts development programs for managers, works with board members and senior management. Consultant in improving innovation processes and creating strategies with the help of Blue Ocean Strategy™. Mentor of young entrepreneurs

Thinking in projects!
turn 2 / P3 / 25 people / level 1
The classes explain, from scratch, what a project methodology is and allow participants to turn ideas into ready-made plans. Each day is a separate topic: preparation, implementation, evaluation and design focused on translating the participants’ concrete ideas into the language of the project – with a budget, timetable, problem, goals, etc. Workshops in the form of a loose lecture, with active breaks.
Wojciech Michalski – a man with a mission to share his gigantic lack of experience in any field and experience in a huge number of larger and smaller failures (especially in the field of implementation of local and international projects), which, as we know – teach throughout entertainment – if they are someone else’s responsibility. He did not send an elephant into space.

Visual thinking
turn 3 / location H3 / level 1 / max 20
What if you acted first and thought later? The goal of the workshop is to stimulate thinking by drawing – you don’t have to, or even shouldn’t, draw nicely!
Katarzyna Biel – environment protection and philosophy graduate, she studied cognitive sciences, acting and vocalistics. She works in the field of User Experience and Design Thinking, which are part of IT.

You most probably were a genius
turn 3 / location H1 / level 1 / max 20
Did you know that 98% of children show signs of genius before going to school? We will think about the way our brains work, how far we are from an “untainted” state of education, and how to use our original potential.
Bartosz Szczepański – IT expert, programmer.

Night astronomical observations
NIGHT / location A4 / level 1 / max 15
Every cloudless night we meet under the Plane tree and head to the fields to admire the craters of the Moon, Saturn’s rings, the arms of the galaxies and many other bright treasures that the Cosmos has for us.
Bartłomiej Bieda – for the last 5 years he has been exploring the secrets of astronomy and optics. He believes that the most satisfying observations are made with a self-made telescope.

Rhyming well
turn 2 / location E4 / level 1 / max 15
What’s the rhyme for? How to rhyme in an original way? How to avoid grammatical rhymes and other faults of poetry? How to search for beautiful and, above all, fresh consonances of words? You will learn everything at the workshop.
Ścibor Szpak – Polish philologist, teacher at the University of Wrocław, creative director of Brave Brain Komik advertising agency, lyricist, winner of many comedy festivals.

turn 3 / location A9* / level 1 / max ??
Together with the workshop participants and the inhabitants of Lubiąż we will design and build a green-vegetable-floral garden, which will later remain under the care of the Lubiąż community.
Jaśmina Wójcik – an artist working with communities, teacher at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Faculty of New Media Art, visual artist. Author and producer of the “Zakłady Ursus” project, director of the film “Symphony of the Ursus Factory”.

Reusable diapers
turn 2 / location C1/ level 1 / max 30
Modern reusable diapers – ecological and healthy alternative to pampers. What do they look like? How to use them? Which ones to choose?
Ewa Kazimierczuk – a cultural expert and artist, she has created a brand of Polish diapers – Puppi – which has been enjoying growing popularity among parents in Europe and beyond for several years now.

Bullet Journal – planing without hesitation
turn 2 / location H3 / level 1 / max 20
Do you want to take control over your life? Do you want to use your time to the fullest? Get to know the Bullet Journal system. We will design our own planners and learn how to use them.
Bohdana Heroi – student of business psychology, runs workshops for children and adults.

Polish in Polish – linguistic correctness for the inquisitive
turn 1 / location P5 / level 1 / max 20
How to talk and how not to talk? How do you write e-mails? Are last names subject to declination? The workshop aims to familiarize participants with the most important elements of linguistic correctness.
Anna Pilińska – PhD student in linguistics, PR and marketing specialist

To the bottom of information
turn 1 / location H1 / level 1 / max 20
We will learn basic techniques and methods of breaking through the modern information jungle. The workshop is based on case studies – during its course participants will face hypothetical situations in which it will be necessary to obtain specific information and work out the most appropriate procedure.
Maciej Messmer – student of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (main area of interest – Information Management) at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Researcher in academic and commercial projects, coordinator of youth and social projects.

Game designing
turn 2 / location G1 / level 1 / max 30
Idea. Inspiration. To create a game you need only and as much as that. During the workshop we will try creating the game’s project and also try our hand at making prototypes from paper and other materials.
Konrad Gadzina ​– Information sciences at JU graduate, specializing in Videogames Production. Animator, programmer, game creator, mentor at Codecool – teches adults programming.

Privately speaking
turn 3 / location P5 / level 1 / max 40
Every day of the workshop is a new topic in the field of anonymity and privacy on the Internet. We will talk about world events in this area, and interactive exercises will help to stimulate discussions.
Mateusz Budyń – teacher at the Waldorf school, specialist in privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

Dog language
turn 1 / location E6 / level 1 / max 40
The goal of the whole workshop is to educate participants on the subject of dog communication. You will learn how to handle dogs safely and how to react in response to dog behavior.
Alicja Milewska – Master’s degree in zootechnics, graduate of numerous courses in the field of dog training and behavior. She is an author of lectures, webinars and podcasts, e-books and practical workshops about dogs. Certified behaviorist.

Parenthood through fun
turn 3 / location C1 / level 1 / max 20
A workshop about fun as an integral part of being a family – why children want to play so much, and how fun supports upbringing, dealing with emotions, social development.
Dorota Blumczyńska – psychologist, works with parents, families, children, promoter of Attachment Parenting.

Effective marketing with no budget? It’s possible!
turn 1 / P4 / 30 people / level 1
Do you run a small business? Are you planning to start one or are you a freelancer? This is a workshop for you!
We will work in small groups on case studies from participants – a new group each day. Before the workshop install the LinkedIn app!
Angelika Chimkowska – works as a Social Selling and Strong Brand strategist. She specializes in creating effective communication and sales through social media (especially LinkedIn). She conducts trainings and lectures. You can meet her on the stage of such conferences as Social Media Week, I Love Marketing or Festival of Inspiration.
More at: www.chimkowska.com

Slot Mafia
turn 3 / location G13 / level 1 / max 40
A story game in the Slottish sauce. Become the Slotman, a volunteer or a mushroom-stuffed rolls vendor and don’t let them take you from the tent field. Feel welcomed to join us!
Wojciech Szczurek – product manager at Interia, mafia game enthusiast.

 Ways to deal with stress
turn 2/ location B7 / level 1 / max 15
What is stress? How to recognize its symptoms and how to deal with them? During the workshops we will learn exercises and techniques that will help us understand these issues and act against them.
Dominika Wojtyło – psychologist, conducts interpersonal trainings in the field of coping with stress and efficient communication.

Sales not for salespeople
turn 1 / P3 / 25 people / level 1
Sales psychology is something extremely valuable not only for salesmen but also for leaders of various undertakings, people working in groups or people just presenting their ideas to others. In short – a workshop for everyone!
Grzegorz Kawałek – salesman, director and trainer of salesmen.

Ancient Greek
turn 1 / location H3 / level 1 / max 25
Do you want to speak Socrates’ language? During the workshops you will learn the basics of ancient Greek, read texts and practice vocabulary. You will learn how to say something about yourself and try to talk.
Ewa Orłowska – Italianist, classical philologist, Latin teacher.

Business strategy – the key to success
turn 1 / P2 / 25 people / level 1
The goal of the workshop is to guide the participants through the whole process of building a strategy – so that they come out with a ready-made scenario, prepared for a specific idea. The participants will also receive additional materials that will allow them to start implementing the plan right away.
The workshop involves working with a permanent group during the whole week.
Mariusz Kamecki – entrepreneur with nineteen years of experience, managing his business based on the acquired knowledge.

Trails of the Belarusian language
turn 1 / location ?D5 / level 1 / max 25
Participants will learn the history of the language, alphabet and spelling rules. The workshops will also introduce them to the history and transformations of the language in Poland and Belarus.
Jana Krasowska – a student, passionate about the Belarusian language

Speed reeding in practice
turn 1 / location D2 / level 1 / max 60
Are you afraid you’re gonna get crushed by a pile of books by your bed? Do you want to read at lightning speed? You’ve come to the right place – you’ll learn new reading techniques in a workshop – a different one every day. Entry guaranteed for those who come with their own book.
Piotr Starzyński – PhD student of sociology at the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw. He runs his own training company, “Pięć Plus” (Five Plus), which conducts courses of effective learning and achieving goals.

Animal tracks and trails
turn 1 / location Z1 / level 1 / max 20
Tracks on a trail, a nest in bushes, a cobweb among grasses or round overgrown oak leaves – who left all these traces and tracks? How to recognize them? I invite you to discover this together.
Paulina Dulat-Sawicka – pedagogue and educator, teacher of nature knowledge and biology in primary school. She conducts “Zielony Szlak” (Green Route) classes for children and parents.

Words’ secrets
turn 1 / location H4 / level 1 / max 15
We will dwell on the secrets of words and make proto-Slavic reconstructions of the Polish language. Children at primary school already ask what the difference between “u” and “ó” is – we know the answer and we will be happy to share it with you!
Nicola Agier – linguistics student, enthusiast of language, author of linguistic blog with JU patronage epentezy.blogspot.com and FB page: https://www.facebook.com/epentezy/

Dad-o-Sphere – a workshop for fathers only
turn 3/ location E3 / level 1 / max 20
How to make the relationship with your children more rewarding? How to be the child’s hero? Exchange experiences with other fathers. Improve paternal competences based on the TATO.NET method
Andrzej Konarski – graduate of the tato.net trainer school, entrepeneur father.

Furnishing your garden
turn 2 / location P5 / level 1 / max 40
The garden is an another room in your house – how not to clutter it? Should you choose a rug or a huge drawer? Which furniture to choose and which to stay away from? English style or rustic rococo? Feel invited to join us in furnishing.
Rafał Szczypiński – forester, gardener. He runs a company that designs and builds gardens.

Mindfulness in nature
turn 2 / location A3* / level 1 / max 50
What can our sight, hearing and smell do? How much do we know about nature? We will explore the world in an unusual way, silencing some senses to sharpen others. We will build a relationship with nature and ourselves.
Łukasz Mizeracki – geography teacher at the “Wolna Szkoła” (Free School), tour guide, educator, creator and leader of ecological, artistic and development workshops. He was a teacher at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw, he is a trainer of the “Biegun” method.

Usefulness – how to change things for the better, with Design Thinking
turn 1 / location E4 / level 1 / max 16
During the workshops we will focus on the Slottish guidebook and the app and with the help of design thinking we will check how these sources of information respond to the needs and problems of Slotters.
Emil Borowiecki – interface programmer working in User Experience, rebranding websites, consulting on commercial and social projects.

Poetry reading workshop.
turn 2 / E6 / 20 people / level 1
Part of the Literary Stage. The leaders will help us open up texts and encourage to undertake difficult trips. We read a dying language – poetry. We create a reservation, where it still lives.
Feel invited by Jakub Kornhauser and Jakub Skurtys.

Water for coffee – how to make coffe taste better
turn 1 / location B3 / 15 people / level 1
Workshop for people looking for good flavor. Water constitutes over 90% of coffee or tea brew and is responsible for the taste to a large extent. You will learn what to pay attention to when buying water, how to filter your tap water and how to “tune up” water using natural, simple methods.
Paweł Siemaszko – owner of Kafo café in Gliwice, barista, roaster, co-owner of Kafar coffee roaster, creator of AKVO water treatment and filtration systems.

A sound mind in a sound body
turn 2 / location D5 / level 1 / max 30
You will learn about the correlation between food and our physical and mental health. You will learn how food affects our functioning and what we should eat.
Anna Podlewska – Univeristy of Physical Education and Sport graduate, trainer, dietician, nutritional counselor. Leads numerous workshops and trainings on the topic.

Yerba Mate
turn 1 / location B3 / 15 people / level 1
A tale about the history, production and pro-health properties of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis). You will be able to try the most characteristic varieties, brewed in different ways.
Rafał Przybylok – passionate about tea and yerba mate, promoter of tea culture and author of the book about tea Czajnikowy.pl – good tea. He owns a tea shop in Zabrze

Playing with bubbles
turn 1 / location C4 / level 1 / max 25
Soap bubbles create an amazing and unforgettable atmosphere of craziness and fun, which attracts children, youth and adults. We invite you to a place of happiness, unity and cooperation.
Henryk Tereszczak – animator, leader of the Sztuka Tworzenia (Art of Creation) group, workshops, shows and creative actions organizer.

Close your eyes
turn 3 / location E10 / level 1 / max 12
Close your eyes and turn on your other senses. Touch. Listen. Taste. Experience. Tackle stereotypes about blind people. Meet the person who perceives the world without looking.
Justyna Mańkowska – strives to make culture and art accessible to the blind. Vice President of the Wroclaw ‘Katarynka’ Foundation for Audio Description Progress. She creates audio description for blind people.

Real-time self-management – from an idea to freedom
turn 2 / P2 / 25 people / level 1
On our way we meet people who complain about lack of time or claim that they have too much time. During the meetings we will work on both cases. We will work on objectives, task lists, priorities, planning or delegating in order to achieve the results planned by the participants.
Tomasz D. Gliwny – co-founder of several associations and clubs, as well as an active businessman. He was the owner of a real estate company with 17 franchise branches in Poland and managed a structure of about 200 employees, he also created 7 millionaires. Currently, he lives off passive income and travels the world helping others.

Understanding yourself – understanding a child
turn 1 / location C1 / level 1 / max 15
We will look at the moments when it is worth taking care of ourselves, we will learn to communicate and understand our emotions, and then we will focus on understanding our own children.
Agnieszka Doktor – psychologist and pedagogue, graduate of numerous courses and workshops, including Self-Reg, Nonviolent Communication, Aggression Replacement Training.

Sources of chocolate
turn 1 / location A5 / level 1 / max 20
What happens to cocoa from the moment it sprouts, far far away, until it becomes chocolate bar, drink or cream? The workshop will help you find the answers to this question.
Agnieszka Bińkowska – for 14 years has been running the Szczypta Świata (A Pinch of the World) company, specialized in coffee, cocoa and yerba mate. She co-created the first Polish brand of ecological products and Fair Trade – Pizca del Mundo.


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