Music workshops


Body Beat
turn 2/ location H9
Feel the beat of your body! The workshop is “synchronizing of inner clocks” – working on coordination, musicality and techniques of emitting sound from your own body, leading to creation of compositions together.
Krzysztof Guzewicz – musician, music player, musical therapist, has been working with people for years using sounds.

turn 3 / 15:00–16:45 / G7
Prykson Fisk invites you to the G7 where you will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of Beatbox, the art of imitating percussion instruments with the use of speech organs. ATTENTION! We work with the same group throughout the festival, so in the following days, priority is given to those who joined from the beginning. Group – max. 10 people
Prykson Fisk – Beatboxer since 1999, MC since 2003, representative of Kolokos and Most Blunted, founder and co-creator of such music projects as Renegaci Funku and Dusty Vibez. 180 kilograms of living hip-hop!

turn 1/ location C7, alt. A10
Almost everything has been said about djembe. During our workshops we will try to speak as little and play as much as we can. Our key-word is “traditional rhythms of West Africa”.
Rafał Chrebela – musician, for 14 years connected with djembe, leads numerous djembe and dunun workshops. Cultural managed and pedagogue. He works in the Blisko Domu foundation and is part of the Rasowe Rytmy group.

French with songs
turn 3/ location B4/ 25 people/ level 1
During the workshop we will get familiar with the French language. We will be accompanied by more or less French songs and singing with guitar.
Aneta Marcillac: educator in the Boissor Association in Luzech (France), French translator, inspired with (Non-Violent Communication)

Acoustic Guitar
Turn 1 / location G7
Inspiration to learn playing acoustic guitar! The participants will learn how to use the instrument in an unconventional way using the fingerstyle technique.
Jan Kunt – instruments and musical theory teacher. He leads workshops among others in the Rock Academy.

turn 1/ location H6
Cheerful, moving, and lively – that’s how gospel music is! Together we will create a choir and we will learn gospel songs in polyphony. A fine dose of good energy every day.
Katarzyna Kiklewicz – graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin Musical Univeristy in Warsaw and Musical Academy in Katowice. Conductor of UnderGrace and Voice Progress Choir, vocal trainer and teacher.

Musical improvisation
turn 2/ location H6
We have fun creating music here and now together! Try improvisation! Take your instrument with you – classical, a toy or your own voice. Here you will find inspiration and ways to musically express your ideas.
Anna Stankiewicz – musician and improviser, graduate of numerous courses, incl. the Musical Improvisation course at the Musical Academy in Bydgoszcz. She performs in the Warsaw Chamber Opera and the Baroque orchestra of the Lublin Philharmonic, she works with the Karuzela band.

turn 1/ location F3/
The participants for the next 2-3 dni will hand-craft their own tool to cause the water to rain from the sky. Bring the rain and forget the queue for the showers! You don’t have your own rainstick yet? You are one of the few at Slot 😉
Kuba Zajączkowski – rainstick creation and playing specialist; for years connected with Slot.

turn 3/ location H6
In lullabies form different parts of the world, in the languages not many people know, we will look for the sounds of dreams. We will reflect on what makes the melodioes from lands hundreds of kilometers away from each other similar. It will be blissful and pleasant!
Julia Szawiel – ethnographer and Italianist . Graduate of the 1st and 2nd degree music school in the viola and violin classes, culture manager. Participant of many traditional music workshops.

Turn 1/ location G9
For four days we will prepare a shortened version of the Hamilton musical. We plan: singing, choreography, basic history and knowledge of musicals.
Agata Sikorska – graduate of the Aberystwyth University courses of Scenography and Theatre Design as well as Film and TV Studies.

Musicland – musical mini-academy
turn 2/ location C7
The workshop is a time for creating tiny musical instruments together with recycled materials and discovering ways to play it. Our joint work will be crowned with preparation of a performance! Smaller Slotters should feel especially invited!
Sławomir Cichy – multi-instrumentalist involved in many Polish and international music projects. Music teacher, cultural events manager. Founder of youth culturalk centers in Poland and abroad.

From the source – white voice singing technique
turn 3/ location H9
Singing has always been a natural form of human expression and has always been bringing joy to the singer. The white voice technique, which we will learn during these workshops, releases the natural beauty and freedom residing within us.
Katarzyna Firla – has been conducting music workshops, giving concerts and traveling for the past 20 years in search of the sources and various forms of music.

Songs for the dead
turn 1/ location H9
Medieval and Baroque song like “Żegnam Cię mój świecie wesoły” (En. I fare thee well, my joyful world) were preserved in villages thanks to tradition of passing them from generation to generation. We invite you to learn and sing them together to also teach you about the traditional ritual of keeping watch over the dead.
Julia Biczysko and Marcin Kuliński – ethnomusicological researchers, members of the ethnographic “Pieśni do śmierci” (En. Songs for dying) group, co-creators of the album Liwiec – tradycje wokalne Mazowsza wschodniego (En. Liwiec – vocal traditions of Eastern Mazowsze), participants and leaders of musical workshops.

turn 2/ location G1
Song writing may be easier than you think. Do you sometimes also suffer from writers block? Learn how the professionals deal with it and try your hand and writing a musical piece. With an instrument or without it – come!
Kamil Rzońca – guitar player and song-writer. Making music for 16 years.

Pomelody – family music-making
turn 1/ location C1
The workshop is led with the use of the original method Pomelody, which equips the parents with ideas for various musical games and creative usage of props and everyday items and finding inspiration in the world around to make music with their child.
Katarzyna Duszkiewicz – graduate of Musical Academy in Katowice, vocal course of the Krakow School of Jazz and the Pomelody course . Vocal Teacher in the Lesser-Poland Centre of Sound and Word.

Pulse of rhythm
turn 1/ location Z6
We will try to go back to the times when singing was an indispensable, regular part of daily routine, just as much as eating. With the help of unusual experimental techniques, and their own voices and instruments the participants will create improvised music.
Krzysztof Kołodziński – self-educated musician, inspires others leading the Pulse of Rhythm in Wrocław and a course on music theory. Member of one of the choirs of Wrocław.

Turn 2 / G7 / max 15 people
2/3 of the Needlework Scratch Crew – DJ Bulb and DJ ChedeRac invite you to the G7 room where you will have the opportunity to stand at the turntables, learn how to use them and learn the secrets of scratching!
ATTENTION! We work with the same group throughout the festival, so in the following days, priority is given to those who joined from the beginning.

Dj ChedeRac – 1/3 of the Needlework Scratch Crew, 1/5 of the SzachMat Crew

Dj, turntablist and multiinstrumentalist. He worked in a studio and on stage with artists such as KRS ONE (USA), Kali, Paluch, Sokół, Peja, Bilon HG, Kaen, Zbuku, Juras and many others. He played concerts all over Poland and Europe. Currently, he cooperates with such venues as Wozownia, 6 Coctails or Stan Surowy. His sets include a mix of hip-hop, trap, funk/ghetto funk and R&B!

Dj Bulb – Siedlce city, born in ’84. Representative of Renegaci Funku, Kolokos, Most Blunted Crew. 1/3 of the Dusty Vibez collective and 1/3 of the Needlework Scratch Crew. Music that he plays is mainly rap, funk, r’n’b, and drum’n’bass. With his DJ setup he has visited many parts of the country. Currently, he is a co-creator of a series of Crazy Sexy Cool events in the capital’s club BardzoBardzo.

Overtone singing
turn 3 / G9
Learning the over-tone singing, which is a technique allowing to emit two or even three sounds at the same time. We will work with our breath and bodies, imitate nature, learn the Fry Singing technique, the throat and Inuit singing.
Michał Szerląg – musician, singing teacher, he has been practicing overtone singing for over 10 years, he creates his original methods of working with the voice.

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