Sport workshop

Aerial Hoop – aerial acrobatics
turn 1 / location B5
Aerial hoop allows you to get your head in the clouds and look at the world from a different perspective, regardless of your strenght and flexibility level. If you are at years 14 years old, wear some close-fitting clothing and come join us!
Marta Mądry – graduate of many sport and trainer’s courses incl. aerial hammock and strechingu instrucotr courses in the Gymnastic Sports Center in Wrocław. Hula-hoop, aerial acrobatics and fireshow specialist.

Aerial acrobatics – silks
turn 2 / location B5
Workshop for the fit. Lift yourself off the ground! Silks acrobatics allows you to use youyr strenght amd flexibility to free yourself of gravity and test your abilities in the air.
Ewa Górska – doctoral student of the Law and Administration Department of the Jagiellonian University, she learned and co-lead aerial acrobatics classes in Palestinian Circus School, graduate of the Aerial Silks course.

Partner stage acrobatics
 turn 1 / location D4  /
Lay the gravity of! We invite you for an active workshop, that treats our body as a perfect pretext to intagrate with others. Movement therapy dressed as prophylactics. Blurring the border between excercise and fun.
Adam Waligóra and Swietlana Różycka – acrobatics practitioners and instructors.

Acrobatics – static trapeze
turn 3 / location B5
Trapeze, which everyone always associate with the circus, is at your hand’s reach – if you are at least 12 years old! Wear something comfortable and rise to the challenge. See what a circus artist feels like! Skill test before the workshop.
Mateusz Czwojdziński – New Circus enthusiast and practitioner. Juggler, acrobat, director, screenwriter creator of the Ale Circus Dance Company, member of the Cirka Foundation.

Frisbee ultimate – simple!
Turn 1 / A4  / level 1
We practice passes, better our technique and play matches full of emotions and healthy competetiveness.

Let’s hula – we have hoops!
turn 1 / location B6
If you have always sighed at the sight of hula-hoopers and your legs can’t wait to dance – it’s time to start your hoop adventure! At the workshops we will learn technique and tricks from the basics!
Patrycja Worobiej – hula-hoops for three years, graduated from the HulaFit course.

Chess Cafe
turn 2  / location A10
Chess Cafe is a place, where everyone interested will have a chance to learn how to play chess or develop his skills. At the last day of the festival we’ll hold the SLOT Championship!
Łukasz Kłykow – chess instructor, playing for 30 years. He hosts the Krok po Kroku club house in Oława.  At 14 he won bronze medal in the Polish championship in his age group.            

Sport bow
turn 2 / location Z1
Everyone can feel like Robin! The main goal is great fun. Some theory, some technique and learning to shoot!
Paweł Borys – former sportsman of Społem Łódź, for many years a scoutmaster of Polish Scouting and Guiding Association. A dad, home-schooling his children.

turn 3 / location C6
Two teams contest on a marked grass field. The goal of the game is to break through enemy field and reach Manzo, i.e. the point furthest from the player’s field.
It will be fun, dirty and intense!
Maksym Tylkowski – Manzo enthusiast, plays since he was 13. By profession a renewable energy devices and systems technician. His energy is renewed every year at Slot!

Unicycle – first pedaling
turn 2 / location G2
In a few Slottish hours we will help you master the uniwheel! Learning from the basics. Condition: willingness and not being put off by first failures!
Paweł Pajda –  member and founder of Team. Rides the uni for 10 years. He feels best in trial and mountain rides. Participant of many Polish and European competitions. Leader and organizer of many workshops, shows and unicycle competitions all over Poland.

turn 3 / location Z1
You will learn the basics of handling the extraordinary one-tracks, as well asd rules and traditions among motorcyclists and most importantly you will get to ride the motorcycle on your own! Let’s ride!
Marek Czarniecki – member of the Boanerges Christian Motorcycling Club, student of mechanics and machine engineering.

Turn 3 / A9 /
PETANQUE: is a plein-air dexterity game, very popular in the south of France. Teams of two or three players use metal balls and try to place them as close as possible to the tiny “cochonnet” (“little pig”). Who gets the closest, earns precious points. The game is played in an atmosphere of fun and friendship and the language barriers don’t stop people from understanding each other.
Brigitte Jacquot – educator of the Boissor association in Luzech.

turn 1 / location Z1
The game is fighting with safe props of cold steel weapons that the participants make themselves – mainly with PVC and foam coating. We will organizes battles, duels, capture the flags and other situations to make the fun more diverse.
Przemysław Tereszczak – host of ‘chivalry’ workshops for many years. Personal devlopment and working with people enthusiast.

turn 1 / location A2
Balance, swinging your arms and learning to concentrate, all of that above the ground on a special webbing strip and with the host’s helping hand
Mariusz Szweda – slackline practitioner, leads workshops for young and younger and at festivals.

The art of relaxation
turn 3 / location Z5 /
You lack energy? Rest. Listen to the sounds around you and your own breath. Use your mind and body, discover the power of peace. It is the art of relaxation we will learn and practice, using exercises and various techniques – incl. Jacobson’s Techniques and Shultz’s autogenic training. Bring a yoga mat or blanket and wear something comfortable for the workshop.
Gabriela Cybuch – flautist, vocalist, composer and musical therapist. Choir singer. Leads many workshops and is active on Polish musical scene.

Aerial dance – hammock
turn 1 / location B5
Aerial dance is one of the simpler forms of aerial acrobatics. It combines simpler figures (standing, lying, sitting, crouching), agility of circus acrobats and etherealness of ballet masters. Every participants will be able, after warm-up and preparation, to try some figures above the ground.
Katarzyna Kownacka – acrobat, teaches aerail dance and hammock gymnastics.

Tree climbing
turn 2 / A6*
We have two goals. First is learning the basics of tree climbing – you will learn the knots, techniques and safety rules. Second goal is to make a connection with our tree. We will also train treefulness! You will need stiff ankle boots (eg. trekking shoes) and comfortable, durable clothing with no loose elements as well as protective eyewear.
Krzysztof Wystrach – forester, graduate of many arboristics and work at height courses. He gained professional experience as a forester in the Polish National Forests and as a lumberjack in Great Britain. He has his own business in tree care and arboristics..

Make yoself a bow
turn 3 / location in front of F5
Introduction into the worlds of archery. We will prove that lack of equipment is not an obstacle in making your first steps in the sport. We will make bows ourselves, learn the basics of how to use them and practice shooting.
Łukasz Michalczyk – professionally an English language instructor. Bow enthusiast, has been teaching the Slotters bow-making and shooting for many years.

Zumba Fitness
turn 2 / location D1
Movement is life, life is movement! During the classes we will combine dance with elements of fitness. We will be accompanied by Latino rhythms: samba, cumbia, salsa, reaggeton.  We will work on easy, repeating sequences.
Roksana Kałuża – fitness instructor, she leads the Fitness section at the University of Life Sciences. She practices Zumba for 4 years.

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