Stage workshop

turn 1 / location D6 / level 1 / max 30
Through acting exercises, dance and intuitive singing, we will get to know our emotions better.  We will create short theatrical forms and prepare études.
Agnieszka Nowakowska – a graduate of the LART Studio in Krakow and the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow. Actress at the Katarynka Theatre. She specializes in theater and relaxation workshops for adults.

turn 2 / location Z5 / level 1 / max 40
Dance technique popular all over the world and a genre of Latino music with rich rhythms. Workshops for beginners, but more experienced students will be able to count on individual advice and learn more difficult figures. You can come without a partner.
Michał Szefliński – has been dancing bachata for several years now.  He trains with the best Polish and foreign instructors. Maria “Mary” Stępień – a dance instructor, in love with bachata for years.

Battle dance – free yourself in dance.
Turn 2 / A4 / level 1
This is a workshop for anyone who wants to cast away stiff patterns and discover their own style.  We break down barriers, start with group routines and finish with an invitation to a real street dance battles. Get ready for the freestyle storm.

Modern dance in public space
turn 3 / location D4* / level 1 / max 30
Dancing doesn’t need mirrors or stage. Together we will create modern choreographies in public space, using tools from the theory of improvisation and inspired by Slot itself.
Hanna Szymczak – dancer, improviser, graduate of Leadership and Performing Arts in the USA. Author of the workshop „Bridges vs. Walls: How Movement, Body Language, and Touch can be used to promote intercultural connections”. She has received Progressing Ballet Technique certification. 

turn 1 / location B9, alt. G11 / level 1 / max 25
Diabolo – a dexterity toy from China known as early as the 2nd century BC, it involves setting the “diabolically crazy” hourglass in motion using two sticks joined with a cord. Seemingly small, inconspicuous, and yet has so many secrets. We come and we spin.
Bartosz Krawczyk – lawyer and musician (double bass player), diabolo enthusiast, for many years leading workshops at SAF.

Diabolo – tricks
turn 2 & 3 / location B9, alt. G11 / level 2 / max 30
The participants will learn to do diabolo tricks of every advancement level.  We especially invite those who already know the basics.
Fernando Kowarik Andúgar, Luis Hernandez – jugglers and diabolo artists with extensive stage experience. 

wo staves +
turn 1 / location B6, alt. G11 / level 1 / max 20
We’ll learn different techniques of double staves manipulation and learn to control them freely. The workshop will also prepare you to continue your own work with the staves.
Emilia Górnisiewicz – performer in “The Gentle Flames” and “Spin Machine” fire groups. Actress, animator and clown. Graduate of the Centre for Education of Animators of Culture and Christian Studies of Movement Theatre.

Flamenco & seviliana
turn 1 / location D1 / level 1 / max 20
Feel the hot atmosphere of the Andalusian streets! The workshop is a presentation and opportunity to learn several flamenco dances and stories about their traditions and contexts.
Zuzanna Rudownik – a dancer, host of workshops and classes – has performed numerous times. She has been dancing flamenco for 12 years.

Floor work
turn 2 / location D6 / level 2 / max 15
Activate the center, discover the floor! The workshops will be based on exercises and learning elements of movement using modern dances and focused on the relationship between the dancer and the ground.
Magdalena Dolata – dancer, instructor, graduate of Choreography and dance techniques at the Academy of Music in Łódź, actress in numerous dance and theatrical performances. 

Fusion – senses mixing workshop
turn 1 / location Z4 / level 1 / max 15
Fusion – a free expression workshop, a visit to the world of senses and experiments.  With the help of color, movement and sound, we will express sensations received by sense of taste or smell. 
Joanna Pachla – psychologist, participant of the instructor course at the Academy of Expression Technology and Relaxation Therapies. She conducts  alternative education classes and workshops with children. 

Stage improvisation
turn 3 / location D6 / level 1 / max 24
Improvisation is a crazy ride. We will learn the basics of stage improvisation – different techniques will be introduced through practical exercises and improvised scenes.  There will be a lot of laughter and opportunities to develop imagination.
Dominik Piasecki – a member of the Jesiotr Theater of Improvisation from Wrocław.  For 6 years he has been doing improv and hosting workshops.

turn 2 / location B8, alt. G3 / level 1 / max 15
 Kendama – a Japanese dexterity toy, where the only thing that limits you is your imagination! In short it’s made up of a “hammer” and a ball, with which the possibilities are endless.
Marcin Dziopa – Kendama practitioner, runs workshops at various events and festivals.

Kizomba – dance from Angola: closeness, intimacy, flow
turn 1 / location Z5 / level 1 / max 20
Kizomba – a dance that is characterized by closeness of partners, simplicity of step and unusual bond that is created between the dancers.  The workshop will allow you to master the basics and have fun at the same time.
Marcin Zaremba – dancer, currently participating in the “Kizomba Masterclass” instructor course. 

Juggler on a stage like a lion out of cage!
turn 3 / location B8, alt. G3 / level 1 / max 15
We will play a variety of stage games adapted to the needs of the jugglers. We will re-examine our bodies and their interactions with equipment and space – all in order to release the stage beasts in ourselves!
Adam Banach – master of law at the University of Wrocław and a graduate of pantomime in the SKiBA School of Cultural Animators in Wrocław. He completed the Circus Training Adults Europe course for circus trainers.

Levistick – levitationg stick
turn 2 / location B6, alt. G11 / level 1 / max 20
It’s a prop that combines magic and dance.  We breathe life into this seemingly ordinary object, we will get to know the possibilities hidden in our bodies, we will work on our coordination and balance and let our imagination run wild in designing patterns and figures.
Sandra Grzeszczyk – fireshow artist, juggler. She took part in numerous workshops on body awareness and experimental movement, as well as fan, levistick, hula-hoop, poi and staff juggling workshops. 

Staff manipulation (basics and contact)
turn 3 / location B6, alt. G11 / level 1 / max 35
Learn the secrets of staff manipulation and the structure of a fire show. Develop your own unique style and prepare a fire show by demonstrating your skills in front of a wider audience.
Patryk Paradowski – President of the Juggling Club of the Lodz University of Technology. .  Juggler For 5 years he has been running weekly workshops on staff manipulation and the basics of stage movement.

Partner poi – basics
turn 1 / location B8, alt. G3 / level 1 / max 20
During the workshop you will learn the basic techniques of twirling poi with a partner, you will also learn basic tricks, with which you will be able to enchant the world.
Thalia Zacharek – President of the Manowce Creative Initiatives Association, juggler.  She has been practicing partner poi for 3 years.   

Poi intermediate
turn 2 / location B8, alt. G11 / level 2 / max 25
We will deal with the theory of poi, discover where you can use antispins, practice transitions and stalls. All these mysteriously sounding technique elements will become simple and feasible.  We invite people who already have experience in spinning poi. 
Kamil Gałas – pedagogue, animator, leader of the Lucky People Center fire theater group.

Puppet Improv – The Master of Puppets
turn 2 / location E16 / level 1 / max 15
We will show you how to use improvised dolls, which we will create ourselves, to break stereotypes and express the inexpressible. Together we will develop creativity and raise awareness to a higher level.
Kinga Matusiak, Daniel Lasecki – graduates of the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, lovers of form, movement and puppet theater. Apart from working on theatre stage, they host theatre classes and numerous workshops for children, youth, adults and seniors.

Reggaeton Dance
turn 2 / location Z6 / level 1 / max 50
An energetic solo dance, also called Spanish hip-hop, combining dancehall, hip-hop, afro and other styles. It is based on isolation of body parts and accenting music with chest, hips and arms moves. Try it!
Maja Goździk – a dance instructor, teaches at the Family Dance School in Łódź, runs workshops and dance animations.

Disillusionment – basics of the art of illusion
turn 1 / location F4 / level 1 / max 10
Card illusions, tricks, “mind reading”, manipulation and throwing cards. We will learn to perform classic tricks and design our own.
Adam Lubański – a student of psychology at the University of Lower Silesia, out of interest, passion and profession – a bartender.  He has been practicing illusion since 2013.

Empathetic movement
turn 1 / location Z6 / level 1 / max 20
The classes are an invitation to search for your inspirations and ideas for movement and discovering the pleasure of movement – in your own style and pace.
Dominika Krata – psychologist, trainer, mediator, graduate of Psychology at the SWPS University.  She completed a motivational dialogue course, a first degree of Solution-focused therapy (SFBT),  Aggression Replacement Training and Laban Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS).  She provides psychological counseling for adults and children.  For several years she has been developing her own methods of working with the body.

Cuban salsa in pairs
turn 3 / location Z6 / level 1 / max 50
Cuban Salsa in pairs and in a circle (Rueda de Casino). Learning steps and figures to the rhythm of salsa music.  At the end of whole course, the participants will receive a P1 Certificate.
Rafał Pietryja – dance instructor (Cuban salsa and bachata) associated with Salsa Bielsko, Corazon and Salsa Pszczyna dance schools, for 4 years teaches dance, promotes Cuban culture and is a choreographer of the Salsa Pszczyna Dance Project..

Irish dance
turn 1 / location F1 / level 1 / max 30
The workshop is based on a group dance, the so-called ceili dance. A few basic steps open the way to dancing numerous choreographies. It’ll be bouncy!  Katarzyna Hyckowska – a dancer and Irish dance enthusiast, as a dance instructor, she interns at the Irish Spin dance school.

Folk dance
turn 2 / location Z4 / level 1 / max 16
These workshops are tales of the regions where dances come from, as well as of costumes and customs. Afterwards, we’ll learn steps and dance together!
Martyna Cybulska – dancer of folk groups since childhood, currently participant of the Folk Dance Instructor Course in Krakow.  She conducts dance rehearsals in the newly established Folk Dance Group in Wrocław.  She is an instructor of the Old Boy group of the “Wrocław” National Lower Silesian Dance & Song Group.

Circle dances
turn 3 / location Z4 / level 1 / max 30
Dances in a circle are not only traditions of different nations, but also modern choreographies.  Every day we will learn about 10 dances. Original music, simple steps, togetherness of circle and pure joy!
Joanna Rączkowiak –  an instructor of physical recreation in yoga and geronto-kinesio-prophylaxis (Kraków) and a graduate of pelvic floor muscle training course (Kraków).  She hosts many classes and workshops on movement and dance.

Shadow play – The Secret Garden
turn 2 / location G12 / level 1 / max 10
We invite dreamers and visitors of dreamy gardens to discover the mystery of the dry leaf.   In our theater we control the characters with shadows. We will sculpt, photograph and animate.
Jagna Nawrocka – instrumentalist, violinist, student at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture. She works towards her diploma specializing in the Creative Fashion and Drawing. She has been involved in performative arts for years.

Forum theatre
turn ? / location E16 / level 1 / max 7
You don’t need long hours of debates to have a social discussion. Forum theater triggers natural creativity and raises important social issues by provoking active dialogue.  We invite participants to a theatrical form of addressing important social problems.
Krystian Zdynowski – a 3rd-year student of art therapy, intercollegiate bachelor studies at the University of Silesia, Academy of Music and Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, streetworker.

Jewish and Israeli dances
turn 3 / location F1 / level 1 / max 150
Learning Israeli, Jewish, Chassidic, Klezmer and Yemeni dances.  The dances are based on simple steps danced in circles, referring to biblical stories or everyday life.
Dorota Herok –  graduate of the Christian School of Pantomime Drama and Dance, an instructor of modern, Jewish and Israeli dances and a leader of the Jewish and Israeli dance group “Klezmer”.

Theater for “hearies” in Polish Sign Language
turn 2 / location G9/ level 1 / max 12
Theatrical improvisation in sign language. The aim of the meeting is to introduce the participants to the deaf culture by theatrical plays and sign language.
Dominika Feiglewicz – graduate of AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków, independent actress acting in Kraków and Wrocław, founder of the Migawka Foundation, accessibility for disabled people coordinator of the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków.  Director of the play War in Heaven (Wojna w niebie) at Cricoteka in Krakow.

Ball jugling
turn 1 / location B9, alt. G11 / level 1 / max 30
We will walk the path from the basics of three-ball juggling to advanced tricks.  We will learn about the magic of keeping the balls in the air and develop reflex – also having a great time at the same time. 
Żaneta Żurawska – a juggler, practices juggling together with a group of friends in Wrocław.

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